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Trainer Class (TC) and Pokemon Tiers (PT) System

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Trainer Class (TC) and Pokemon Tiers (PT) System

Post  Shichamatsu on Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:59 pm

Trainer Class (TC) System

So, you've decided to enter the world of Pokemon....lucky you. But before you become the best you need to understand how to become the best. Or more accurately, the system in which the best operate upon. This system is known as the "Trainer Class" system. And its used to rank trainers and their Pokemon. The system goes, basically, like this;

  • Class I: New Trainers. First to no Badges, or 50 Posts. These are the bottom of the barrel.
  • Class II: Trainers who have defeated the Second Gym. or 100 Posts
  • Class III: Trainers who have defeated the Third Gym. Or 150 Posts
  • Class IV: Trainers who have defeated the Fourth Gym. Or 200 Posts
  • Class V: Trainers who have defeated the Fifth Gym. Or 250 Posts
  • Class VI: Trainers who have defeated the Sixth Gym. Or 300 Posts
  • Class VII: Trainers who have defeated the Seventh Gym. Or 350 Posts
  • Class VIII: Trainers who have defeated the Eighth Gym. Or 400 Posts All Gym Leaders are Class VIII.
  • Class IX: Trainers who have become the Pokemon Champion. They have defeated all other challengers at Moonlit Harbor. Or 450 Posts All Elite Four (Shitenou) are Class IX.
  • Class X: Trainers who have defeated the Shitenou, The Four Heavenly Kings. Or have completely filled their Pokedex. These are the Cream of the crop, the best of the best, Number 1.

Pokemon Tiers (PT) System

The Pokemon Tier system was created for a simple and much needed reason; to substitute Levels. At first Tiers were supposed to determine how powerful your Pokemon was when related to another Pokemon. But we realized that would prove to be problematic. So all Pokemon, no matter what Tier, as considered to be of the same "power". The Tier system determines when your Pokemon can evolve and every Pokemon has a Tier at which it evolves. Tiers are, usually, Generalized. Specific Pokemon, however, such as Dragons and Psuedolegendary's evolve at a higher Tier then other Pokemon. Pokemon Tiers are based on the TC of their Trainer. A Trainer with a TC of 6 can have Pokemon with a Tier of 6. All the Pokemon in your Party Tier up when you go up a TC. So, naturally, not all your Pokemon will be the same Tier as your TC. How do we solve this? Simple, you are given the ability to BUY Tier Ups. This allows you to catch new Pokemon and replace current Pokemon, while still keeping all your Pokemon at the same Tier. Now, keep in mind that you can never Tier a Pokemon past your current TC. A TC 3 Trainer cant have Tier 9 Pokemon. What Tiers Pokemon generally evolve at are listed below;

  • General Pokemon: First Evolution at Tier II. Second (Final) at Tier IV.
  • Starter Pokemon: Evolve a single Tier lower.
  • Dragons and Psuedo-Legendary Pokemon: First Evolution at Tier V. Second (Final) at Tier VII.

Legendarys', real Legendarys', are Tiers 6-9, depending on which Pokemon it is. You can only control Pokemon with the same Tier as, or lower, then your current Trainer Class.

Legendaries are only obtained through site events.
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