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Pokemon Battles WIP

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Pokemon Battles WIP

Post  djay on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:53 pm

Ooc: thought this was cool

Pokemon Battles:
When you enter a thread, you enter with the pokemon in your CURRENT party. Switching during the middle of a fight. The only time a switch is allowed, is through moves like Baton Pass or U-Turn. Otherwise, whenever a pokemon faints, the other trainer has the ability to switch out their pokemon if need be, before the other trainer chooses a new pokemon. if this rule is not fallowed, a global moderator will locate it and shut down the entire battle, thus it is important to fallow these battle rules.

Also, like pokemon in general, it takes turns in battle. usually a trainer will dedicate a post to dodging or getting hit by the attack, than making a single attack towards the next pokemon. however, you can make a combination attack, if it makes sence. if i had a Lapras and i used waterfall to do direct damage with water, than use icebeam on the water while your in it and freeze you inside the froozen glacier, it is acceptable.
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