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Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"

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Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  Empty Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"

Post  Macha on Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:20 pm

Carve Your Name In History

Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  Eevee_17
Forever and a day, that's how long we'll stay together and forever more

We are who we are

Name: Macha
Age: 12
Trainer Class: Trainer Class VIII
Career: Gym Leader
  • Her "siblings" aka her Pokemon
  • Eating
  • Playing
  • Battling

  • Mistreatment of Pokemon
  • Being called human
  • Going without food
  • Pokemon Contests

Appearance: Macha is an undeniably cute and pretty little girl with short, light brown hair with two ear-like ahoge and brown eyes. Most likely due to her upbringing as a pokemon, her canine teeth are a bit longer than other peoples'. She generally wears loose fitting or bare-back dress with shorts, sandals and a furry vest.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Body Type: Petite
Personality: Macha is a carefree and reckless in nature and, despite her constant brawls with those who she considers worthy. She is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. She thinks things through in a straightforward manner that usually involves taking things "head on". Even when faced with obvious hostility or previous grudges, she rarely holds a grudge or negative feelings towards an enemy, usually seeing the good in them. She has also been shown to occasionally feel compassion for her enemies.

Macha constantly tries to prove her strength to others. However, she holds no grudge against them as she considers anyone she has battled well to be her friend. Due to her reckless nature, any fight Macha involves herself in usually ends with widespread destruction. Her continuous desire to fight causes Macha to develop great wit in battle, quickly identifying her opponent's weaknesses and forming strategies to block the plans of her enemies. Macha also seems to be very stubborn, hardly ever admitting defeat.

In terms of her personality quirks, Macha has a deep, well seated belief that she is not a human, but rather a very special eevee. This form of psychosis is so deep in her psyche that she doesn't even see herself as human, nor does she recognize the strangeness of the fact that she is capable of speaking human tongue with relative ease.

Basically, to sum it up, Macha acts exactly what she thinks she is, a young eevee. Her childish and reckless nature reflect that, as well as her constant consumption of food and desire to play.

I Choose You!

Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  Spr_4h_196
Pokémon: Athena (Espeon ♀)
Pokémon's Personality: Athena is the "Mother" of the group, always working to make sure that the rest of the family gets their nutrition, sleep and makes sure that they are overall safe from dangers. In battle, she is a brutal dealer of damage, strategically planning her defenses and dealing out tremendous amounts of damage effectively being the "Nuke"

  • Reflect
  • Hidden Power [Fighting]
  • Light Screen
  • Psychic

Ability: Magic Bounce
Tier: VIII
Extra: Athena uses Light Clay in battle

Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  197
Pokémon: Hades (Umbreon ♂)
Pokémon's Personality: The eldest of the Eeveelution team, and also the "Guardian" of the family. His stern ruling contrasts with Athena's motherly nature, reprimanding the rest of the Eeveelution family and ceasing squabbles with a simple expression of his voice. Like how his position is, Hades takes the role of "Tank" who slowly defeats his opponents with crippling poison and dealing back damage he takes ten fold.

  • Baton Pass
  • Substitute
  • Toxic
  • Moonlight

Ability: Synchronize
Tier: VIII
Extra: Hades uses Leftovers during battle

Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  Spr_4p_134
Pokémon: Poseidon (Vaporeon ♂)
Pokémon's Personality: The "Older Brother" of the group, he is overall not much of an interaction, spending most of his time lying around. Overall a lax and lazy creature, Poseidon is a good person to hang around when you wish to relax. During battle, Poseidon is a powerful "Healer", protecting and healing the other pokemon while still being able to deal immense amounts of damage and absorb blows in his own right.

  • Scald
  • Ice Beam
  • Acid Armor
  • Wish

Ability: Water Absorb
Tier: VIII
Extra: Poseidon holds Leftovers during battle.

Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  Spr_4d_135
Pokémon: Zeus (Jolteon ♂)
Pokémon's Personality: The overall "Joker" of the group, Zeus is the one that others would consider "irresponsible but serious when needed" He is prone to committing pranks of various kinds and taking advantage of his nigh untouchable speed. In battle, Zeus moves at incredible speeds and creates misleading illusions in order to distract opponents from ally attacks or to lead up to devastating attacks, a fitting member of the "Blitz" category.

  • Hidden Power [Ice]
  • Agility
  • Double Team
  • Thunder

Ability: Volt Absorb
Tier: VIII
Extra: Zeus wears a Focus Sash in battle

Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  470
Pokémon: Artemis (Leafeon ♀)
Pokémon's Personality: The "Tomboy" of the family, and also the one that acts as the watchdog over Macha whenever they go out, due to her tendency to run off on her own. Overall a "Lone Wolf" and a reclusive one at best, Artemis does care about her family. In battle, Artemis' swift attacks and overwhelming power crush the defenses of those who wish to stand in her way, taking up the "Assassin" role.

  • Sword Dance
  • Leaf Blade
  • Double Edge
  • Synthesis

Ability: Chlorophyll
Tier: VIII
Extra: Artemis wears a Life Orb

Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  Spr_4p_471_s
Pokémon: Hela (Glaceon ♀)
Pokémon's Personality: Hela is exactly like her type, an "Ice Queen" in every sense of the phrase. She puts herself above most things, barely considering of gracing the battlefield with her appearance. However, when she does go into the battle, Hela is incredibly responsive, taking the role of "Artillery" and "Support" against enemies.

  • Ice Beam
  • Rain Dance
  • Sunny Day
  • Hidden Power [Ground]

Ability: Snow Cloak
Tier: VIII
Extra: Hela wears a Choice Scarf

Macha - "The Wild Prodigy"  Spr_4p_136
Pokémon: Ares (Flareon ♂)
Pokémon's Personality: Being the "Tough Guy" in the family, Ares makes it his duty to strive for victory in any situation possible. Regardless of how much he is hurt, or how hopeless the battle is, he will always fight for victory. However, outside of battle, Ares is overall a jolly guy, having fun with his family. In battle, Ares is the all out "Berserker", without fail Ares charges into battle bringing overwhelming force that potentially obliterate the competition, having almost no regard towards his well being.

  • Curse
  • Superpower
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Facade

Ability: Guts
Tier: VIII
Extra: Ares wields a Toxic Orb when he fights

Step Into My Life

Macha was born in the Kanto Region where she lived with a group of nomads that traveled to different regions in order to learn pokemon techniques as well as take note of all pokemon types and species that they witnessed during their travels. During one of the pilgrimages that the nomads decided to go up, Macha was separated from the group at a very young age. Without anyone to guide her, Macha could never survive the unforgiving wilderness on her own. In what seemed like a stroke of fate, Macha was found by a family of Eevee, who took her in as their own.

Living among the pokemon for most of the years in her life, Macha knew absolutely nothing about the human world. Despite being human herself, the fact had never dawned to Macha's mind that she was of human race. It was not until Macha made contact with a Pokemon Professor that she even knew the existence of humans. Soon Macha learned how to speak human language and even managed to learn about the Pokemon League. At a tender age of 10, Macha managed to overpower all the gyms of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova with the help of her seven sibling Eevees. Because such achievements and her powerful strategies, Macha's Pokemon League adventures ended within a two year timeframe and she merely returned home.

With the attention brought to her, Macha was asked to become a Gym Leader, which she initially refused, not being interested in battling certain types of people. However, once she heard prospects of facing new opponents every time they proved themselves, Macha agreed. Performing the tasks that she was issued from the Pokemon League, rebattling all Gym Leaders, passing tests and working to achieve her title as Gym Leader, which she ultimately succeeded in. Since then, Macha has been the Gym Leader of Vellum City, though she technically spends most of her time in the nearby wilderness, rather than in the city where she is supposed to be.

Though generally unfazed by the events that affect the human world, Macha has taken note of the an unknown group stripping the power from powerful trainers. Despite their actions, Macha was indeed interested, wanting to see how many opponents she would face that would actually bring a challenge before her.

RP Sample:
Macha sat down in the tree of her Gym's inner garden, her legs hanging off the branch as she leaned against the trunk. Her petite figure and sleeping position would be viewed on as if she were a pokemon sleeping in a tree, her light breathing indicated by her chest slowly rising up and down, her tuffs of hair that look like ears seemed to twitch, only because of her unconscious movements. While lying down, Macha's Leafeon, Artemis lay on the higher branch above Macha, keeping an eye on her while she slept.

Underneath the tree, Macha's other pokemon were interacting like normal around the tree, whether it was Macha's Jolteon, Zeus, playing pranks on the others, or her Vaporeon, Poseidon, lounging around in the pool, completely unnoticeable to the naked eye. Overall, the scene was one that someone saw from a typical happy family, all enjoying the company of each other.

The moment was broken when a sound of a door opening echoed through the garden, the sudden change in atmosphere aroused Macha from her sleep, setting herself straight up in order to see what was going on. To her astonishment, she saw a shadowy humanoid figure. Obviously hoping for a new opponent, Macha dropped down from her sleeping spot and looked at the visitor with an inquisitive look. Without a doubt, the figure, who Macha soon figured out to be a woman, pointed towards Macha with an outstretched hand.

"I challenge you Macha, Gym Leader of Vellum City, to a 1 on 1 pokemon battle, in order to obtain your badge by defeating you" The challenger said proudly, her appearance now becoming clear once Macha's eyes adapted to the light. She was relatively young, a bit older than Macha, and wore the clothes of a high class person. However, Macha herself couldn't discern one piece of clothing to the next, but she had a feeling that this girl had pride in her abilities, pride that Macha would either boost, or crush.

"Okay" Macha replied immediately in a tired uninterested tone "It'll be a single battle, no switching out for either of us, it's all or nothing"

With that, Macha and her challenger took their places, the challenger looking determined to beat the Vellum City Gym Leader, while the gym leader in question barely looked motivated enough to actually participate. With a long yawn, Macha watched as her opponent unleashed their first pokemon, a Marowak. Macha recognized the pokemon immediately, and called Zeus to the battlefield. The challenger did not expect such a choice of match up, and thought to herself that Macha wasn't that great of a trainer at all. However, once the bell for the match began, Macha broke out of her tired stupor and instantly pointed her hand towards the Marowak.

"Zeus, use Double Team, and then Agility" Macha barked her orders, pointing at Marowak. Zeus responded immediate, his Double Team creating 10 identical clones, all moving at increased speed, speeds so fast that it appeared as if the clones had doubled in number, all around the soon to be confused Marowak.

"M-Marowak, use Bonemerang!" The challenger ordered, thrown off completely by Macha's strategy, she herself unable to tell how such a pokemon could move so fast. The Marowak instantly threw its bone, spinning like a boomerang, hitting two clones, leaving Zeus unharmed.

"Zeus, use Hidden Power" Macha said smiling

Without an instant in between, Zeus began to bombard the Marowak with massive amounts of blue energy balls, pounding it from every direction possible. The assault was short, and quick, ending with the Marowak completely defeated. The challenger could not believe her eyes, the battle was in her favor in almost every conceivable way, but in the end she was defeated with barely an effort given. As she turned in shame, Macha stopped her and shook her hand, smiling.

"Thanks for the battle, it was fun" Macha said cheerfully

With such an act of kindness, the challenger left without regret or lingering feelings of distaste. She had lost in an honest battle against an incredibly powerful pokemon trainer, who just displayed that type didn't mean everything in a pokemon battle. Macha herself waved the challenger off, blissfully unaware of how much effort others go to in order to achieve her level of power. Once the challenger was out of sight, Macha turned to her other pokemon and jumped into the fray to play with them, waiting for the next challenger to arrive.
Love Interest: None
Family: Her Pokemon
Rivals: None
Best Friends/s: Her Pokemon

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