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Post  Videl on Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:47 pm

Videl watched quietly as the board dropped off the port side of the ferry with loud clack of wood on wood. The small boat was loud with more people than she was comfortable being around but after a moment even the annoying muttering of fifty others squeezed into a space built for 30 seemed to fade away. Above them, soaring through the sky were a group of Fearow flying in a scattered fashion through the clouds. She dreamed she was flying with them, on her own pair of wings, diving down to catch fish and living a life of total freedom.

Suddenly she felt a sharp pinch on her back arm and her dream fell away like a curtain and behind it was less than appealing. She was at the docks again and the boat was almost entirely empty, Pixxa, her ever loyal Pigeot had given her a short peck to get her attention. "Sorry." She whispered, or perhaps it was simply her usual tone of voice, and stumbled off the ferry. Pixxa squawked at her and tilted her head curiously as the two walked side by side down the busy docks. Videl was holding her head downwards, keeping her small yellow bag close to her side with her arm draped carefully over it to avoid pickpockets."Don't look at me like that Pixxa...nothing is wrong I'm just tired." Yet again her voice was so soft it was difficult to hear over the hoards of people flocking passed them.

After a moment the 12 year old gripped the hat dangling from her neck and placed it on her head, she hated crowds and even more than that, crowds tended to hate her. She wasn't exactly what one called normal; being 12 years old and a master trainer had little to do with it. Videl was just odd; quiet, estranged, unusually astringent, and just plain dark, most just got uncomfortable around her. Pixxa didn't seem convinced that all was well with her but the Pokemon seemed content with letting her be and moved on to peck at the termites in the wood of the docks as they moved along.

Thirty or so minutes passed and Videl had found a patch of the riverside that wasn't so packed she could hardly move her arm without hitting someone. "Pixxa can you fly up and see if there is a hotel nearby?" She asked her Pigeot, her purple eyes stone cold like amethyst gems. Pixxa repeated "Pi-pigeot!" and took off into the sky, circling the area before landing back down several moments later to offer a tilt of her head north. "Thank you" She said and followed Pixxa to the hotel.

Upon arrival the mysterious white haired girl stepped through the doors of the quaint inn and arranged a room. Being part of the Elite Four had its perks, she was offered room and board for an amazing discount nearly anywhere in the world. Before long she was rested, fed and heading back out into the Vellum again. It was time to check out the gym there.

It was dark now, the moon was clinging to the cloudy black sky and the entire city was lit up, for being such a dangerous place it was certainly beautiful. She couldn't help herself but hop on Pixxa's back and let her wisp her away into the night. Unfortunately the trip was a short one as the gym was far closer than she anticipated. Without a word she stepped through the doors of the building, expecting someone to greet her soon despite it being nearly 9 o'clock.


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