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Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself)

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Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself) Empty Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself)

Post  Shichamatsu on Tue May 22, 2012 3:57 am

I think its pretty obvious; the site is dead and everyone is pretty much inactive. I've been pondering this day for a long time now, the day I would, pretty much, stop logging on to our sites. And that is day is today. I'm not sure how to write this. Words can't really describe how much fun i've had with you all; Raum, Vida, Kanji, Djay, Zarenkan, and Rono. Its been three years since I joined Bleach: Armageddon Day. Three years since I met you all. Three years since we became friends. And you've put up with my bullshit for all those years; which is no easy feat. At the risk of sounding cheesy, and like a Fag, I wanna tell you all that....ya know....hearts and all that shit. I lesbians you guys, I really reall lesbians you. No homo. But I got a parting gift for you amazing people, some words I wouldnt normally say. Because they make me feel mushy and faggy;

    Raum: Yea you're first, suck it up and listen to me. I've had a lot of fun hanging with you, bro. All the trolls and the lols. And even though we hit some rough patches, though they were few and far between, we still got on everyday and tried to make it all work. Through dozens of RP sites and character discussions. But, in the end, I guess you could say it was all for naught. Or you could look at it from a different perspective and be happy with it. Our sites may have failed, but that time we spent hanging out didnt. Its been a hell of a ride, dude. I wish you the best. You've been like a brother to me, if that isnt weird.

    Vida: I dont think I ever told you this, from fear of looking like a noob pussy. But you are a woman after my own heart (fuck I felt gay just saying that). Every reference I made, you understood. Every game I love, you love. Your sense of humor was my sense of humor. And while you did scare the shit out of my when we first met, I can honestly say im happy that I met you. Hell, blessed even. It makes me so fuckin happy to know that people like you exist, if you still do exist xD. I hope you do well in life, friend of my heart. You've been through a lot.

    Kanji: Me and you havent always....seen eye to eye. And you, out of all of our group, have had to put up with my assholery the most. Our friendship, if you feel the same way, has taken some time. And has needed some work; several apologies on my part. But its all been worth it. Even if you dont believe it I've learned a lot from you, my friend. Never stop being fuckin awesome, never stop being a stoner, and never stop watching MLP: Friendship is Magic. No matter how gay it is people think it is. I'll even watch it from time to time, and wonder is you're watching it too. And I hope that didnt sound too gay. I feels for you, bro. And I hope you live a long and happy life. And I hope in your next life, because you are a Buddhist, you are just as awesome but 10x as happy.

    Djay: I dont even know if you'll see this, but I hope you do. I wanna thank you, first, for being the awesome motherfucker you are. Seriously, bro. I only wish we could've spent more time RPing together and hanging out. And there isnt a Dagobah that I dont wish you were still on NRC. But I understand that you have a life, that you have friends and family IRL, as well as women to chase (or maybe they chase you?). Its been a fuckin HONOR getting to know you, and getting to RP those few months we did. I hope you hit it big with the dancing thing, and I hope it really makes you happy. Theres not much I can say other than; I'm sorry I didnt put all my bullshit aside and join RPG Haven for real. I didnt like the site, i still dont, but that shouldnt matter. A real friend wouldve joined and RP'd with you anyways. Thats what I shouldve done.....but now all i can do is apologize to you.

    Zarenkan: Me and you dont go back as far as the others; only a little less than me and Kanji. But the time I have spent chillin with you has been real. I appreciate how nice you've been to me, despite me being years older then you and still treating you like I did from time to time. Our Ye olde english Cbox rants are the among the highlights of my life (kinda sad, isnt it?) and i'll cherish them forever. I hope you enter the world with more luck and determination then I. You've been a really good friend, Zarenkan. And I wont ever forget it. I hope you find fortune in whatever you strive to achieve, and find a girl that repair the damage we've done to you Wink.

    Rono: It is well known, especially in your case, that last isnt always worst. Sometimes its the best. When I first met you on Dark's Academy, I never believed I'de actually spend so much time talking to you. I shouldve asked you for help more. Maybe me and Raum's sites wouldve worked if you were there with us. I'm sorry Dark's, and Tatakai, didnt work out for you. And im sorry you left Dark's, joined us, and found nothing. Its been beyond awesome getting to know you. You showed me Tenjou Tenge and Air Gear, and changed my taste in entertainment forever. If I believed in god i'de pray everynight, and ask him to watch over you as you create your manga. I hope to pick it up and read it someday. So then i can say "I knew the guy who made this. He was really cool and always had great ideas." I also hope your next site, whatever that may be, works out for you. I'm glad I joined Dark's all those years ago. Because, if I hadnt, i would have never met you or Vida. And I dont think i'de be the person I am today. God speed, my friend.

And while this is a goodbye, you can always find me on NRC. Spending my days with you all has been a pleasure. And when I think back to the Original Aday, to our prime, nostalgia hits me like a ton of bricks. But now, I think, its time to look to the future. I'm not sad that this is over, because im just so damn happy that it happened! Adios, comrades!


~ Shichamatsu, Infinite Sadness, Gish, Yamato Midaru, CheddarMonk, Katsu Nori Noboru, Michael Lamburo, and Shichiro Takumi.
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Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself) Empty Re: Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself)

Post  Rono on Thu May 24, 2012 4:35 pm

That was kinda fuckin sad yet heart felt.....Also homosexual. Meh.

It's been a pleasure getting to know you bro. Wish you the best of luck wherever you go. Thank you for the words of encouragement.


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Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself) Empty Re: Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself)

Post  Raumulus on Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:49 pm

Thanks dude, and no its not for naught. Everything in the world has to stop turning eventually...depressing as it sounds. But screw that! What you said isn't weird, and perhaps maybe out of oddity again we will stumble in on each other (as low as those odds are, though I do see Rono and Kanjeh everysooften on LoL). I've got your Facebook and such, so just message me if you're lonely lmao. Just throw meh a message, maybe even if you have a crazy idea. I'll still hear it. And maybe we will find Djay's dead body and ignite it in a pyre for his honor...(Or once again, contact him through Facebook). I don't enjoy bittersweet moments, so I'll say "See you again soon". Talk to you all later!
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Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself) Empty Re: Swan Song (No, im not gonna kill myself)

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