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Post  Kanji on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:51 pm

Carve Your Name In History

Kanji Karuson Reno2
'Acrolith reflection, that floats through my dreams, arid is the dust underneath me; something far away, a mirage so it seems, what I long to see, oh, could it be? My Desert Rose.'
Gym: (so I don't forget) http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs40/f/2009/013/2/f/Forest_and_Water_by_Sandfreak.jpg

We are who we are

Name: Kanji Karuson
Age: 19
Trainer Class: VIII
Career: Electric Gym Leader
Likes Pretty flowers, sunny days, waterfalls, plant life, acoustic guitar, the beach, girls in bikinis, and television.
Dislikes Pokémon battles that are taken seriously or negatively, closed-mindedness, jerks, and lies.


    Hair color: Red
    Eye color: Green
    Body Type: Slender, athletic.

Personality: Kanji is, to say the least, a livewire. He'd just as soon hit somebody as shake their hand and prefers to keep an unpredictable attitude up at all times. Despite this, he's also very lazy and gets burnt out very quickly to a state of near complete apathy. He tends to bounce back and forth between an intense hyper state and an extreme lack of giving a damn with relative frequency. When it comes to Pokemon battles he fights very tenaciously and with no regard for what is "fair" and "unfair", the gym itself being designed to give his electric Pokemon an advantage. He justifies this by saying that a truly great trainer should be able to overcome unfairness or turn it around themselves with their own wit as opposed to Kanji lowering his effectiveness just because he's supposed to be the 1st Gym Leader.

He cares about his Pokemon like best friends and does tend to get quite angry when they start losing a battle. He directs his anger generally at the opposing trainer or he channels it to order his own Pokemon to fight more aggressively. Despite his aggressive and dirty fighting style, he does respect his opponents which is in part why he is so unwilling to hold anything back in a fight. Even against an opponent he knows is weaker than him, he will still fight with full force just to make sure he doesn't slip up too much and actually lose a battle, no resting to let the turtle pass for him.

I Choose You!


Kanji Karuson Spr_5b_025_f
Pokémon: Pikachu
Pokémon's Personality: Pikachu is, for the most part, very demure and shy. She very rarely speaks up and will tend to hide behind Kanji's leg.

  • Agility
  • Quick Attack
  • Volt Tackle
  • Rest

Ability: Static
Tier: II

Kanji Karuson Spr_5b_604
Pokémon: Eelektross
Pokémon's Personality: Eelektross is always very upbeat and "sociable" with strangers, Pokemon and people. He tends to try to hug most people he meets, which generally doesn't go well given his rather intimidating appearance.

  • Protect
  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunderwave
  • Crunch

Ability: Levitate
Tier: IV

Kanji Karuson Spr_4p_135
Pokémon: Jolteon
Pokémon's Personality: Jolteon was a born watchdog and keeps close to Kanji's side no matter what he's doing. He refuses to be in a Pokeball and will forcefully eject himself from it if he does get put in one. Despite his refusal to be in a Pokeball, he will never leave Kanji's side without permission.

  • Thunderwave
  • Agility
  • Thunderbolt
  • Dig

Ability: Quick Feet
Tier: II

Kanji Karuson Spr_5b_466
Pokémon: Electivire
Pokémon's Personality: She is very stoic and calm at all times. Even Kanji doesn't really know what gets her stirred up or happy.

  • Thunder Punch
  • Flamethrower
  • Ice Punch
  • Cross Chop

Ability: Vital Spirit
Tier: IV

Kanji Karuson Spr_4d_171
Pokémon: Lanturn
Pokémon's Personality: Lanturn is a pretty cool guy. He fights aliens and doesn't afraid of anything. He takes everything with a grain of salt and an upbeat attitude.

  • Hydro Pump
  • Aqua Ring
  • Ice Beam
  • Confuse Ray

Ability: Water Absorb
Tier: II

Kanji Karuson Spr_4p_462
Pokémon: Magnezone
Pokémon's Personality: Completely robotic in attitude. It follows directions to the letter and will never act without being told to.

  • Thunder
  • Rain Dance
  • Gyro Ball
  • Explosion

Ability: Sturdy
Tier: IV

Step Into My Life

History: Kanji was born on Seachrome Isle and was given his first Pokemon, a Pichu, when he was a spry 5 year old kid. The two of them were inseparable as Pichu started to learn how to control the electric currents flowing through her and Kanji went about learning the various rules of being a trainer. It was boring crap that anyone could have figured out even if they spent their entire existence under a rock but there were SOME lessons of value when it came to survival. He learned about hunting, fishing, shelter building, and various other skills needed to survive on one's own. When he was 12 years old, he set off with his Pichu turned Pikachu and the two set off on their own for what Kanji had expected to be a carefree and fun journey.

Unfortunately, things were not meant to be this way. Kanji wasn't sure how they had gotten there, but the pair were in the middle of a forest and were running low on food. There was a nearby stream with clean water so the two of them decided they would wait until a Pokemon came along, zap it, and cook it so they could survive. Neither of them were fond of the idea of eating a Pokemon but they weren't in a position to bring up ethics right now. Well, they got their wish and a pair of Pokemon came to the stream and started to drink. Unfortunately, they were two tiny Teddiursa but at the time they were no longer tiny, cute, Pokemon. They were dinner. With a reassuring pat from Kanji, Pikachu let loose a jolt that traveled up the stream and right through the two bear cubs.

Without a moment to lose, Kanji grabbed the largest stick he could find and whacked them both across the head to finish them off quickly and as painlessly as possible. Despite how guilty they felt, they were going to live. Unfortunately, nature was not done with the pair. A loud roar was heard as an Ursaring came tearing through the forest right at the Pikachu and Kanji. He didn't have any time to react and Kanji was slapped off the ground and right into a tree. The significantly smaller Pikachu fought with all her might but was quickly torn to shreds by the enraged Ursaring. With what little strength he had left leaving his body, Kanji stood up, looked at his Pikachu fighting the Ursaring, and turned away to run.

Sure he could have put Pikachu into a Pokeball and then the Pikachu could have been taken to a PokeCenter to heal, but then the Ursaring's rage would be directed towards Kanji, not the Pikachu. He loved his Pikachu, this was something he new with complete certainty, but he wasn't willing to die for his small friend. He later justified his actions by saying if he had put Pikachu in a Pokeball then he would have been killed and Pikachu would have been stuck in that ball forever. He spent a month in the forest as he wandered around on just enough food to survive and no particular goal in mind. He wasn't sure what to do anymore. Without a Pokemon he wasn't a trainer and so he had no reason to continue traveling but he couldn't return back home knowing he was a complete coward, a failure, and in a way a murderer. It was then, at his lowest point, he met an Eevee.

Unlike most Pokemon, the Eevee did not shy away from Kanji and instead came bounding to him. It jumped up at his legs and nipped at his heels playfully. He sat down to play with the Eevee and felt through his bag to see if he had anything to feed the friendly Eevee when his hand brushed against a stone he had completely forgotten about until now. It was a ThunderStone, originally meant for Pikachu when the two of them were ready for it. He handed the rock to Eevee and watched as it played with the stone like a toy. The yellow radiation emitted from the stone slowly seeped into the Eevee and it then rapidly started to evolve. With a flash of light he was now looking at a considerably tougher looking and more determined Jolteon. Kanji wasn't sure why, but the Jolteon followed him around from that point onwards and he became a Pokemon trainer once again.

Out of the forest, he and Jolteon wandered around until they found themselves in Gemini City. The place was pretty old but even so it was better than being back at that forest. He heard tales of ruins nearby the City and decided they would be worth checking out. He bought several torches, potions (Healing and stat effect removing), and 3 PokeBalls for the journey. He tried to persuade Jolteon to enter into one of the Pokeballs but it seemed he would never allow himself to be inside one, something Kanji learned after receiving a series of scratches and minor shocks. The two of them stopped at the entrance and Kanji took a moment to reflect before entering the cave. He considered stopping here, staying in Gemini City, and never going into a dangerous place again. He wouldn't have to lose a Pokemon again and he could live out a simple life with Jolteon. He looked down in Jolteon and noticed a fire in his eyes that reminded Kanji of himself when he first started to journey. The excitement of what lay beyond, the reward of taking a risk, and the thrill of being near danger. These were all things that drove him to where he was now and they could only take him further. Besides, it's not like he would live forever anyway. He decided he may as well make each day count for five, just in case he kicked the bucket early.

The two entered the ruins and he and Jolteon looked for anything of interest. There was nothing all that spectacular on the surface, but as they went through the various buildings, they found one building that led to a incline deep into underground. Kanji steeled himself, lit a torch, and the two proceeded into the depths of the ruins. There were markings all across the walls, some of Pokemon and animals he recognized, some he didn't. That wasn't all that interesting to him and he stopped looking at all the drawing and focused on anything worth some cash. A few broken pots, ruins always had a plethora of pots, and some more wonderful drawings that had since outlived any usefulness they once had. Then, out of the corner of his eye, a tiny shadow flitted past him. It was no longer than a pencil and about as wide as a can of pop. He turned around quickly and was staring face to face with a wittle baby Tynamo.

It moved forward slowly and then suddenly sent an electric boop right on Kanji's nose. After a strong of expletives Kanji pulled out a PokeBall and booped the Tynamo back and caused it to enter to PokeBall. Only a few very weak wiggles and then the PokeBall registered it had captured the wittle Pokemon. He released the Tynamo and had it use it's electricity to course through its own body and provide another light source. The group, upped from two to three, continued their journey into the ruins, going deeper and deeper inside. They had been walking down a narrow hallway for what felt like hours and Kanji had gone through all of his torches. They were guided by the light provided by the Tynamo who had been sustained on a steady supply of energy supplements to keep up his energy reserves. They entered a large room with what appeared to be some sort of tomb of chest at the other side of the room and the three eagerly made their way to it. The Tynamo seemed to be especially nervous and the Jolteon appeared to be on edge as well, but Kanji was too excited by the prospect of ancient treasure.

Kanji barely touched the chest before the air itself seemed to change and a low moan rumbled the entire room. Through the wall a Dusknoir appeared with a menacing look to it. Jolteon quickly sprung into action and shot a bolt of lightning at the Dusknoir but it seemed to be completely unaffected. It threw a ball made of complete nothingness that seemed to absorb the light around it as it approached Jolteon. The electric dog took a nasty hit and Kanji could see they were largely outmatched. They couldn't get away in time with all of them but Kanji wasn't going to abandon his Pokemon, not this time. There would be no repeats of that day. His Pikachu appeared in his imagination as a century went by while time stood still. He looked down and saw his hand reaching into his bag, he wasn't sure why but he didn't stop himself. His hand pulled out a Pokeball and expanded it. It was then, Kanji knew how he could get out of this. He tossed the Pokeball at the Dusknoir and immediately it was sucked into the ball. He shouted for the three of them to run and, like Sonic trying to outrun a bullet, they ran back down the hallway as fast as they could. The three ran, or hovered in Tynamo's case, until the were out of the cave, out of the ruins, out of Gemini Town, and on the road to Way The Hell Away From There.

A few years past, he was now 15 years old and now sporting a Jolteon, Eelektrik, and a new Pichu like the one he used to have. He had saved it from a Mightyena and kept Pichu close by him at all times. He'd revisited the area where he had lost his Pickachu and found a Lanturn in the area and decided to catch it, as to add to his collection of Pokemon. He had noticed he really only had an interest in Electric Pokemon and all others were around simply for him to train against or to prepare a meal with. He had bunkered down at Eden Town for now and was hoping that by staying in a town that was home to so many successful trainers he could learn from past trainers and develop some new techniques to pass on to his Pokemon. Unfortunately, he didn't learn much more than he already knew. Most people professed something along the lines of "love and care for your Pokemon and they won't let you down" or such and such. He figured it wasn't a matter of learning the method itself, but learning how to live it. He decided that he would go to the Safari Zone and observe Pokemon in their natural state and see if he could learn to emulate the nurture that a mother Pokemon showed to their child, the challenge rival showed to strengthen another, the bond in a pack, the strength of a lone wolf, and desire to become more than what one is now.

Here, in the Safari Zone, he met the last two Pokemon of what would be his Gym Team. He ran into the Electivire first and immediately he felt overwhelmed by a lust for power from the Pokemon. It was a born warrior and he just HAD to have this Pokemon on his team. He tried food, rocks, Safari Balls, but none of these things worked. However, despite these failures the Electivire made no attempt to flee or attack. Kanji got the impression it was waiting for something, perhaps a challenge? He wasn't allowed to use his Pokemon so he decided he would have to engage the Electivire himself. He raised his fists and stared down the Electivire. Finally, the Electivire acknowledged Kanji's presence and quickly began his assault on Kanji. Kanji wasn't a trained fighter, but life in the wild had hardened his body and he was quite fit. He was able to dodge the slower and stronger hits while flowing out of the lighter attacks by moving his arms to guide the Electivire away. Just touching the Electivire sent a charge through Kanji, but he wouldn't relent so easily. He changed his stance to rely more on his legs and moved quickly, letting his arms hang limply as he focused more on jumping, dodging, and kicking. Kanji tossed out rocks in between dodges in an attempt to piss off the Electivire and slowly but surely, the Electivire was growing more and more agitated. While pissing off a Pokemon wasn't generally wise, the Electivire was growing more and more predictable as it grew more and more frustrated to the point that Kanji could get a few cheap kicks in every now and then between a flurry of slow and uncoordinated attacks. Kanji managed to lead the Electivire around like an aggressive dog after a bone and finally managed to trip the Electivire and tossed a Safari Ball on it while it was down. Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle. Yes! Kanji has caught the Electivire and collapsed on the ground as the strain of his actions hit him the adrenaline that had carried him eroded away.

The Magnemite was considerably easier to catch. With a few sweet-talked words and some bait the Magnemite eagerly floated into a Safari Ball and Kanji was done with his quest for a Pokemon team to call his own. He left the Safari Zone with his team of Pokemon and headed back to Seachrome Isle, his eye on the Gym now. Getting the badge wasn't enough, he wanted to position of Gym Leader for himself. 17 years old, he made it back to Seachrome Isle with a Pickachu, Eelektrik, Magneton, Electivire, Jolteon, and Lanturn. The current gym leader was a Flying Type Gym Guy, how unfortunate for him, Kanji thought to himself before entering. He declared a challenge for the Gym Leader's position and, to Kanji's surprise, the Gym Leader accepted. Kanji started strong, tossing out Electivire and having him dish out a Thunder Punch every time on of the Flying Pokemon tried to get close. Then, the Gym Leader switched it up and threw out a Pidgeot that used only ranged attacks. Kanji withdrew Electivire and sent out Jolteon to perform janitorial duty on the clearly one-sided fight. Jolteon dashed about with blurring speed as it combined its Agility with Thunder Fang, reaching heights that easily reached the Birds and their fragile frames. The attacks devastated them and soon Kanji was waving goodbye to the old Gym Leader.

Kanji was done adventuring for now. He figured in another year or so he'd head back out and see what the world had to offer him, but he ended up staying in Seachrome Isle as a permanent Gym Leader. The pay was good and fighting against all kinds of Pokemon was fascinating. Kanji arranged the Gym so that it was forest-like, much like the forest where he lost his first Pikachu, with a stream that ran through. While partly sentimental, he also incorporated the stream to give his Electric Pokemon more room to work their techniques. He won most battles, lost a few, but he never fought fair. Only a truly excellent trainer deserved to win and so they must be prepared to deal with unfair situations, he decided. Somebody who couldn't win simply because the scales weren't in their favor could hardly be called a true trainer. With this is mind, Kanji constantly question himself on whether or not he had any right to challenge trainers in such a way. Every unfair situation he had encountered he had so far dealt with by fleeing. Yes, he managed to survive, but he had yet to win. Kanji hoped that one day he would finally encounter his unfair situation and he would bash through it with complete and total victory. Anything less and he was still only a second-rate trainer, as far as he was concerned.

RP Sample: this can be from another site, but make it good, we look into these to see whether your capable of a high rank or a low one. Not required if you intend to start at a low rank.

Love Interest: He's more interested in lust than love
Best Friends/s: His Pikachu

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