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Rules on Status Effects and Specific Ability Effects: GLOBAL! WIP

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Rules on Status Effects and Specific Ability Effects: GLOBAL! WIP

Post  Raumulus on Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:32 pm

In order to make more moves from the Pokemon games viable, we've attempted to create a list of global effects that substitute for moves (such as attack changes or evasion increases). This list can and will be updated with time, so if you see issues or have suggestions, don't be afraid to let an admin or mod know.

First, we have determined that status effects such as burns, freezing, paralysis, poison, and sleep are all automatically 100% if hit with a move that says it applies it.

Burn/Poison: Whenever a pokemon has this effect applied to them, they slowly begin to take damage over time. This makes them weaker stamina-wise, so please be considerate when you RP. If your pokemon is burned or poisoned, act like it is, don't shrug it off like it is nothing. (Lasts for 3 of the affected pokemons posts, makes them more susceptible to the corresponding move that caused the effect)

Sleep/Paralysis/Flinch: A pokemon afflicted by either of these conditions cannot attack the next post after becoming afflicted.

Freezing: Wherever the attack connects, that pokemon's limb/area is immovable for a post. In the case of the body freezing, This effect also stops the pokemon from attacking for a post.

*Stat Changes*

Attack/Special Attack Increase - Allows the user to pierce through any defenses, provided they used protect/(sp) defense increases. Whenever attack decreases, this effect is nullified.

Defense/Special Defense Increase -

Speed Increase -

Evasion Increase/Decrease -
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