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Post  Shichamatsu on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:57 pm

General Rules

Hello and welcome to Pokemon Legends. The list below will help you understand the basic rules of the site.

1. Don't be afraid.
If you need help, ask an admin or a staff member. We are all friendly here, and if someone is being a complete ass to you, we won't be afraid to beat him.

2. Separate Characters
You are allowed to have up to 3 separate characters, if you have a previous character on the site please notify us before making another. All seperate characters must be placed in your Signature. If you wish to make a seperate account for each character, you may also do so.

3. Post Length
Please don't make your posts one-liners. Try to keep your posts at a minimum of 5 lines. Posts can be as long as you want, but it doesnt necessarily mean you have to follow them, dont feel intimidated to write about random tangents/etc. to make your post longer than the minimum

4. Advertising
Advertising is to be posted in our Affiliates section. If you post your ad, we expect you to allow us to post ours in your site. Same goes with vice versa, if we post our advertisement in your site, you are allowed to advertise here. The post must be approved by an admin or may suffer removal.

5. Auto-hitting
Please, PLEASE follow this rule. I cannot stress this enough. Do not RP yourself connecting any sort of attacks to the other character, and the other characters shouldn't be able to dodge EVERY attack thrown at them. It just isn't fair to either person, and losing in an internet battle doesn't necessarily mean that you have no meaning anymore.

6. Separate Threads
Your character can never be in more then one thread at a time. Exceptions may be made later on, but as of right now its one thread.

7. Post Order
As long as there are no double posts, we are find with any order you post in provided it makes sense. (I.E. 1 2 3 2 3 2 1 ---> as long as you confirm with the first poster that it is okay to post before them).

8. Attack cap per post
Pokemon should only, really, attack one per "turn". If you can wiggle out a reason why you can attack more, then enlighten us. We're not saying its impossible to attack more then once, only that you should have a good reason.

9. Profanity
It is allowed, it is allowed in excess. If you MUST cuss excessively then try to keep it OOC, in the Cbox and such. Unless it makes IC sense for your character to have a dirty mouth, then do us and yourself a favor.

10. Fun
Seriously, I know it's a cheesy way to end the rules. But go have fun.
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