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  • Seachrome Isle

    A resort island that has only recently grown to be classified a city. The skies are almost always clear and sunny and the weather is quite predictable. The winters are still quite warm and all other seasons could easily just be grouped as a single summer. The entire city is located near the beach and the Gym is the furthest inland. The island has several harbors that link to other parts of the world, the closest destination being Vellum City.
    Gym Leader: Kanji Karuson | Type: Electric | Badge: Spark Badge
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    Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:45 pm
    Kanji Inside the Gym
  • Bellgrove City

    Bellgrove is a smaller city in the northern hemisphere, not warm, but not chilly either. It is hidden on three sides by a screen of trees, a sweep of woods extending to the rear of the city. Most of the buildings face to the east, so that they catch the rising sun in their windows. The trees cover the suns set, except to those who set out to watch it in between the trees within the woods. There isn't much in the way of water, save for small creeks within the woods that wend between the trees. The forest is relatively open, the sun reaching its floor in most places without much trouble. At the edge of said woods at the back of the town lies the Gym, partially within the forest, the trees almost leaning into the windows in their closeness.
    Gym Leader: Bryn Crek | Type: Bug | Badge: Unknown
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  • Hearthelm Village

    Hearthelm is a small village located just off of the coast. The water flows into the city through canals, and gondolas are used frequently for travel. Conveniently located below Empyrean City, Hearthelm is a great place for beautiful scenery and is largely known for being a transport hub. The town is often quiet, and much less industrial factories are found near the city, making it a great place to smell the fresh air every day and a prime vacation spot.
    Gym Leader: Raumulus Yamada | Type: Ghost | Badge: Purgatory Badge
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    Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:44 pm
    Jack Clash of the Titans
  • Empyrean City

    Empyrean City is located in the most awkward place imaginable, the Sky. Empyrean can only be reached via flying on a Pokemon, taking the Great Sky Elevator, otherwise known as the Soravator, or taking a Zepplin from Gemini City. Empyrean City is famous for its training grounds, in which Trainers and Pokemon work in high altitude areas to better their physical condition. No one knows how Empyrean City came to be, hovering miles above the Earth below, or how humanity came to inhabit the area. Empyrean City is also home of the worlds largest coffee mug. Standing at over 100 feet tall.
    Gym Leader: Leonardo Draconis | Type: Dragon | Badge: Sky Badge
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  • Mist Veil City

    Mist Veil is a city always blanketed by the fog, the sun being impossible to see. The city is a quiet and tranquil town which is known for the ghost pokemon which inhabit it. The mist is so thick that it is hard to see when traveling around and the gym is the hardest to reach.The ghosts flock around a small mountain in the center of the town where the Gym is located at its peak. This city is filled with people who love the ghost pokemon and is visited by tourists who wanna see the Mountain but the ghosts happen to love to scare the tourists which is why they continue to visit the town. The city surrounding the mountain is filled with Shops and foodmarts and hotels because of the flocking Tourists. This city is the perfect place to go for a good scare and some creepy fun.
    Gym Leader: Archer Roland | Type: Fighting | Badge: Training Badge
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    Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:39 am
    Hayden A Match Among Man and Ghost
  • Hiela Island

    Hiela Island is an island placed directly on the equator. Small in Size it's surrounded by white sandy beaches, rapid currents and waterfalls. Hiela Island is the number one water park in the world, everywhere you go there's some fun and interesting way to get blasted with water. Water slides and small water cannons are scattered around throughout the city and the weather is almost always the sun beating down incredibly hot. There are actually small river type bodies of water located inside the city for people to swim and drift around in. Honestly the only way to get around is using the river system to get from port to port. In the dead center of the island is a cave system that leads to crystal Caves and whirlpools that keep the island afloat. The Gym is located on the southernmost island on the beachfront, giving a perfect view of the sand and the ocean.
    Gym Leader: Asuka Mizubara | Type: Water | Badge: Hurricane Badge
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  • Pyre City

    Pyre City is a hot, dry, city that lies in the Shadow of a Volcano. Much like the area around Mt. Chimney within the Hoenn region, Pyre City is constantly rained down upon with thick soot and ash. The only source of light these town gets is from the giant bonfires that they set. These fires are usually housed within giant metal saucers. In the old days people would use these saucers to burn the bodies of their loved ones, thus the city gaining its name. Of course the sheer amount of fire produces alot of heat, which is coincidentally insulated by the falling ash. Making Pyre City a very, very hot, Grey, dull place.
    Gym Leader: Rono Tsumaru | Type: Fire | Badge: Blaze Badge
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  • Vellum City

    A bustling harbor city, thriving with life and the region's highest crime rate, Vellum contains high class entrepreneurs and the lowest of street urchins. Boats allow small cruises along the bordering lake, some even taking trainers to the Victory Road. The towering skyscrapers crowd the sky, but along the shoreline is a beautiful view of the glowing city especially at night. On the outskirts of the city, there are plentiful forests for breaths away from the constant streams of people.
    Gym Leader: Macha | Type: Various | Badge: Evolution Badge
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    Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:47 pm
    Videl Twins Win! [invite only; Macha]

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