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Post  Ace on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:34 am

Carve Your Name In History

Ace Astren Scaled.php?server=524&filename=hisoka1os8
Me and Mudkip on a grand adventure? Sounds like a good plan to me.

We are who we are

Name: Ace Astren
Age: 13
Trainer Class: I
Career: Pokemon Trainer
The Beach

Pokemon Slavery

Appearance: Light Brown hair, usually hangs down below his eyes. Dark Blue denim jacket with a orange t-shirt underneath, Dark blue denim jeans with Black sneakers.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Body Type: Tall and Skinny, slightly muscular arms but thats about it.
Personality: Ever since Ace's father died his personality has changed drastically. When first meeting Ace he seems very distant and not really paying much attention, the only time he does pay attention is when talking to people he knows or about things he likes. Once Ace gets to know you his actual personality come through. He's happy when around people he knows and he tends to talk to himself often, he can joke around and is quite witty when the situation comes to it. He goes silent when the subject of his family is brought up and trys to distance himself from his past. He's not determined to become the pokemon master, he just wants to clear his head, if he becomes the pokemon master while doing that so be it.

I Choose You!

Pokémon: Mudkip
Pokémon's Personality: He's a very excitable Mudkip, he tends to run infront of Ace to get him to chase after him. He's been by Ace's side for three year's before he decided to become a Pokemon trainer. He's used to being by Ace and gets a little scared when he's separated from him.

  • Tackle
  • Growl
  • Mudslap
  • Water Gun

Ability: Torrent
Tier: I
Extra: He's developed a very strong bond with Ace

Step Into My Life

History: Ace's father was a Pokemon Ranger, when he was young he used to watch his father capture pokemon and protect the Citizens of Vellum City. When he came of age to get a pokemon he was given a Mudkip by his father, he always kept him by his side, he protected his Mudkip and his Mudkip protected him. For two years he trained to develop a strong bond between him and his Mudkip so he could become a Pokemon Ranger, like his dad. Then in a Pokemon robbery, his father was killed, Ace gave up on his dream to become a pokemon ranger, he'd developed too strong a bond with his Mudkip, he didn't want him to go through what his Dad and his pokemon went through. His mother became more and more distant until he was barely noticed in the family. When he turned 13 he made a huge decision, to become a pokemon trainer, clearing his head while doing so.
(OOC: Sorry if this seems short, im more of a, "Play the character and make up a history to suit that character" Type of guy, if you want me to add more just say so)

RP Sample: (OOC: I know this is only required for high ranks but i just wanted to add this(Its from another site))
Ace sat in his room, wide awake "This is not how i should be spending the night, i should be out fighting crime like i used too" Ace said to himself, he didn't like this curfew that was put on him, "Its for your own safety" Ace mocked "Safety my tuccus, i mean seriously, we were attacked in the middle of the night by giant robots, and those safety doors didn't do shit" Ace grabbed jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie and put them on. He pulled the hood over his head and put on his grappling hook, opened the window and jumped. Now this would be stupid if you couldn't fly or had some form of stopping yourself tom hitting the ground at such a speed that you would shatter into a million pieces when you hit the ground, luckily Ace had a grappling hook so he was fine. He latched on to a balcony of a nearby building and swung "WOOOOO-HOOOO!!!!" He exclaimed "I never get tired of doing that" he swung his way down to the rooftops, Ace was no parkour-er by any means but jumping from building to building was easy enough.

After about an hour of swinging and rooftop jumping Ace encountered a gang of thugs mugging a woman he counted 10 thugs, instinctively he jumped down. "Geez guys, 10 on one, give the girl a break" the thugs turned around, it might have been shallow of him but he immediately noticed that all of the thugs were asian. They rushed at him "You guys just don't get it do you?" Ace clocked one of them in the face but got hit by a pipe, Ace fell in a corner "No more talking" said the man
"Is that glitter on your eyelid?" Ace asked winded, Noticing something on the man's face, it drew a few chuckles from the crowd and turning the man he had asked red.it gave Ace just enough time to shock 3 of them, knocking them out cold "Now can any of you do maths?" A punch was thrown at Ace, Ace responded with a duck, "10-3= What?" Ace toyed with the criminals. A man ran at him with a bat "DIEEEEEEE!!!" he screamed
"Wrong Answer" Ace grabbed the Bat and used the mans momentum to throw him into another man "Aaannd Another one bites the dust"Ace counted the score in his head "The Answer was seven by the way, to all of you wondering" Ace was punched in the gut but didn't go down "Sorry, no prize" Ace smirked as he punched the guy in the face "Ok, where was i?" He noticed the 4 still left standing "Oh Yes, Now do you guys want to-urk." Ace reached for his neck which was now exposed, the hood must have fallen down in the process of beating the crap out of the thugs, his fingers wrapped around something embedded in his neck, a dart "Oh for crying out loud" Ace fell forwards and started to blackout the last thing he remembered was the mens shoes *Nike's* He thought before blacking out into a haze.

Ace awoke in his bed, sat up, dripping in cold sweat, *It must have all just been a dream* Thought Ace. As soon as he thought that Sim burst into his room "Ace they're back" She said, she had lost all her composure, usually Sim kept her cool in situations like this,
"What? Who's back? Why are you so distressed?" Ace asked her.
"They killed Sean, Max is holding them off, you have to-" Sim stopped talking as a metal spine skewered her and a giant mechanical monstrosity walked into the room. Ace jumped out of bed, suddenly his surroundings changed, he was wearing his usual civilian clothes and, what was around him, the wreckage of the cafe they had fought at in New York. the metal spine on the creature turned into a fist it grasped Ace by the neck "How does it feel Ace, to have your whole life fall apart" The thing spoke with a mixture of accents, and a mixture of voices, like someone a copy and pasted words from other peoples mouths. It dropped Ace and he fell, the floor beneath him disappeared and he fell down and down into the darkness below.

Ace woke with a jolt, the room was very dark, a dimly lit bulb overhead lit Ace and the seat he was sitting on, everything else was pitch black. Ace tried to get up but he was secured to the seat, wooden cuffs secured his wrists, elbows and legs to the seat while a strap secured his waist to the seat. The strap he could break through but the wooden cuffs would take some work. Ace was about to start working on getting through the cuffs when he heard a noise to his left, like a shoe hitting a wall. "I knew someone was in here, you wouldn't mind telling why i'm in here and where here is would you?" Ace asked the noise, he probably wouldn't get an answer but hey, it was worth a shot.

Love Interest: He's always had a bit of a crush on the Current Gym leader of Vellum City, but thats died down a little since his father died.
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Ace Astren Empty Re: Ace Astren

Post  Shichamatsu on Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:34 pm

Welcome Smile

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