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Post  Azmot on Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:43 pm

Blaze Tekanisho, Pyro Freak.

 Blaze Tekanisho FINISHED HARHARHAR Avatar

*Holding a Homemade Max Potion

Let the Fire of our souls burn Bright, let my Flame cast darkness into the Light

We are who we are

Name: Blaze Tekanisho

Visual age: 15

Actual age: 15

Rank: Elite Four of Fire.

Hair color: Red/Orange

Eye color:Golden Brown

Body Type: Tall and Medium Build, 5 ft 11 and 140 pounds.

Helping others
Eating Corndogs
Makin' cash

Going outdoors
Doing physical activities
Doing un-beneficial things.

Appearance: To lazy to make one. Look at pick. If mandatory, I shall create one.

Personality:Azmot is a goofy, care free child who enjoys to do many things a normal child does. He enjoys any kind of zombies and is very gullible to girls. Fortunately for him he has a more tactical brain than most would like to know, including him. This allows him to do many things that a normal teenager couldn't, including outsmarting adults. This still doesn't negate some of his foolish impulses and inquires, but it does complement his gallant self. He will always help one in need, even at the risk of his own life. This, however, is clouded by a slight cowardice of being alone. This means that it doubles his resolve to stay alive and only focus on doing whats right. He is very random and likes to talk, and he very often says things that get him in trouble. This doesn't stop his smile from always laying on his face or his caring understanding of pain.

I choose you!

Pokémon: Volcarona, Darmanitan w/Zen Mode, Chandalure, Arcanine, Camerupt.


Volcarona knows- Flamethrower, Quiver Dance, Heatblast, and Fly

Darmanitan knows- Psychic, Belly Drum, Zen Headbut, Hammer Arm

Chandalure knows-Hex, Flame Burst, Telekinesis, Flame Charge

Arcanine knows- Extremespeed, Sunny day, Fire Fang, Solar Beam

Camerupt knows- Eruption, Lava Plume, Earthquake, Earth Power

Extra: (Anything extra you want to add about yourself or your Pokémon.)

Step Into My Life


Blaze was born in the Unova Region, more specifically, on a quite remote island known as Klog-Iterik-Shluum.(Klog-It-er-eek-Shhhh-Looo-m). This Island was uninhabited by humans except for a small village inside of the only volcano on the small Island, one named Feruu-Daa. There were few huts, and the population was around 50, but because of the good soil they managed to survive in few numbers by constantly growing crops.

Blaze was born inside of the volcano, The whole village supporting his mother. Blaze's father wasn't there, as he had been lost shortly after the point of creation. He was presumably in the ocean, dead, but Blaze's mother didn't like to believe that, her strong will driving her on. Unfortunately, after birth she died, giving possession of Blaze to the village elder, Kressler. He was an old man who was a poke-centric, and Blaze seemed to take after him.

At the age of nine, Blaze received his first Pokemon, a Daramuka. It was pretty strong, and it loved Blaze immensely. When Kressler saw Blaze's natural ability with Pokemon, he began extreme training that exceeded that of a normal trainer. The days of training were hard, for people and Pokemon. Blaze had to increase his endurance to heat, so he was hit with 3 random Flamethrowers a day. His Daramuka had to be constantly subjected to water.

The training continued until it no longer had effect on either one of them, to the point that they stopped growing. At appropriately 11 he was allowed to venture into The Cave of Fire, along with his evolved lv 43 Darmanitan. This cave held many strong Pokemon, but due to rules of training Blaze wasn't allowed to catch any of them. No, he had to find Baby (LV 5-10) Pokemon and train them too. He found a Numel and a Growlithe, both traveling together. They seemed scared, and were happy to have Darmanitan protect them. On the way out, an abandoned Egg was evident by the entrance. It had been hidden on the way in, covered by rocks, but Blaze couldn't resist and took the egg, heading home.

When he returned, he showed "Uncle" Kressler his newly caught Pokemon with pride. Kressler teared up and made a promise. "Blaze," he said ", We will complete your training in the next 3 years, and when you do, I have a memento from your father." Blaze was about to inquire more, but knew it might shut the door between them. So he simply nodded and trained with vigor. On his way to bed that night, though, the Egg hatched into a Larvesta. Blaze played with it before he fell asleep, it squirming in his arms.

After all of his training, on his 14th birthday, a party was held village-wide. It was a going-away party, as Blaze was going to leave for the Pokemon League. (By now, his Pokemon are LV 73-76, fully evolved) But a small ceremony was held before his descent to pass the memento, a box. When Kressler gave Blaze this box, he revealed the contents to all. Inside the Box was Blaze's father's favorite Pokemon, Chandalure. Blaze graciously accepts it as he heads towards the boat that lead to his destination.

Upon arrival, before he could even accept to challenge the Elite 4, he was stopped by a guard. "The Elite 4 have disbanded, but if you could beat me, then you can become the Elite 4, or at least one of them. Wanting to desperately join, he challenged the guard to a battle. He barely won, but Blaze had finally prevailed. Soon, he was given the Title of "Elite Four: Pyro Freak", and a room of a giant volcano to match. Steam fills this room, giving all but Fire and Water Types reduced accuracy inside of the room.

RP Sample:Azmot recalled the message, the words of a once King reverberating through his mind. He had found a letter drifting into the waters of The Realm of Darkness. It was by Blake, an unknown royal that Azmot had fought alongside once or twice. He had addressed it to anyone who found it, probably written with his last shred of consciousness. " I beseech those who find this, as I am desperate for help. My heart has been burned with a putrid darkness, but I believe there may be hope. I feel that there is another person....no, I feel that I'm now in pieces. I can feel my nobody, A bright hope for my future. Alas, I cannot make the journey because of my current reforming, but the feelings I have seem to originate from emptiness. Whenever I feel nothing is were I feel the most. This leads me to believe that The World That Never Was is it's origin, as thats were some fresh nobodies like to form. Please, who ever this reaches, find my Nobody and escort him to my castle. My guards have been informed to allow full rights to anyone who presents this letter. Below is my picture to help identify the nobody, as he will have a great likeness to me, and my royal seal to prove real-ship to this letter is also below.."

Azmot had originally planned on ignoring the letter, not wanting to help a Nobody. But he soon realized that this Nobody was what might be all thats left oh his ally. His friend. So he set off towards The World That Never Was, landing by the Memories Skyscraper. He noticed a familiar figure along with a boy and two Young men, around there 22's maybe. But it was a long way up, so Azmot was forced to assume. His Gummi Ship couldn't fit up on the top, so he was forced to leave it and try to scale the Scraper.

He had to do so with the help of his enchantment, now not even having to call it's binding words. After just willing it, Azmot's string ball glowed with darkness, slightly squirming inside of his hidden inner shirt pocket. Now, closing in on the Skyscraper, he crossed the 100 feet in a short time. He put a foot on the flat wall, pausing for a moment to build strength. Suddenly, he thrust forward, effectively "Running" up the wall in quick leaps similar to the first one. As he neared the top he gathered strength, jumping higher than before. Now he went above the top ledge, 5 feet above the top, and saw one face and three backs, one being suspended by the frontal one. His face looked familiar, somewhat daring. Thats when Azmot realized that it was Blake's nobody, his nothing. This time he didn't feel distaste as he does for most nobodies, but a pride that he his going to help him.

On descent, he lurched forward and landed by the nobody, placing a protective grip on his shoulder. "Your majesty, I'm not sure if recollection is in order, but it is nice to see you....again. Now, who are these people? More importantly, since when did you even become royal?" He joked with his friend. If he turned out to be hostile, then Azmot would restrain Blake's nobody. He smiled, but realized that Blake should have a new name upon birth. "What do you call yourself now, if I may?"

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