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Kasai, Hayden

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Kasai, Hayden Empty Kasai, Hayden

Post  Hayden on Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:42 pm

Carve Your Name In History

Kasai, Hayden Blonde-emerald
'Watch the flames surround, watch all your fears fall like ashes all around'

We are who we are

Name: Hayden Kasai
Age: 15
Trainer Class: I
Career: Beginner Trainer

  • Pokemon Battles
  • Adventuring
  • Skateboarding


  • Mistreatment of Pokemon
  • Cocky People
  • Hypocritical People

Appearance: Hayden usually wears jeans, with a plain shirt and a light jacket over. He usually wears a chain that was given to him before he started his pokemon adventure by his mother. He has a bookbag and a skateboard that he takes everywhere.[/b]
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Body Type: Athletic, Muscular
Personality: Hayden is a fun person to be around. He makes friends wherever he goes, and loves friendly pokemon battles. He cares a alot about his friends and pokemon and will risk his life to protect them. He loves learning new things about pokemon and capturing new ones. He enjoys random battles, even with strangers. Seeing pokemon being mistreated is one of the few things that really piss him off, and is something he cant just turn a blind eye to. While battling, he gets very intense. He doesnt get upset when he loses but takes it very hard, and vows to train as hard as he can to be the best pokemon trainer he can possibly be. Hayden will occasionally walk around and making sure that all is right. Someone being taken advantage of is something he cant stand and makes sure it is dealt with immediately.

I Choose You!

Pokémon: Charmander
Kasai, Hayden Spr_5b_004
Pokémon's Personality: Charmander is very energetic and loves training. He dislikes water, and getting wet. It takes a while for you to earn Charmanders trust, and his only real friend is Hayden. He is very sweet and cuddly (only with Hayden) and cant stand being away from Hayden. He dislikes being in his pokeball because it prevents him from being with Hayden. He looks up to Hayden and has a great amount love for him. He enjoys curling up next to Hayden, and sitting on Haydens shoulder while adventuring. When Hayden is in danger, or being threatened, Charmander is there to the rescue, and even when faced with a danger that is clearly more powerful than himself, will protect Hayden with his own life and will gladly give it up to make sure Hayden is safe.

  • Flamethrower
  • Brick Break
  • Rock Slide
  • Sunny Day

Ability: Blaze: When HP is below 1/3rd, Fire’s power increases to 1.5 times.
Tier: I

Step Into My Life

Hayden was born into a regular, average family, and ever since he was a young child he longed to be a great pokemon master but a family tradition kept him from achieving that goal, at least at the age of 10, when many young children begin theyre pokemon adventure. Now at the age of 15, is when his family tradition allows for his great pokemon adventure to start. All of his family members, from his great-grandfather to now, have started theyre addventure at the age of 15, which is when he is starting. Ever since he was born, he had a great interest in pokemon and everything about them. He does not know for sure when his love for pokemon started, but he knows it was before he could remember. His family have always embraced his love of pokemon, and encouraged it. Now that his adventure has started, he is eager to learn everything there is to learn, and make as many friends and companions along the way.

RP Sample:

Love Interest:
Best Friends/s: Jack Ganseki


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Kasai, Hayden Empty Re: Kasai, Hayden

Post  Shichamatsu on Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:42 pm

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