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Post  Shichamatsu on Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:13 pm

Carve Your Name In History

Leonardo Draconis (Team Vector Admin) Oaoa_by_saharaam-d4o75vb
'No Gods, No Kings, Only Man'

We are who we are

Name: Leonardo "Aeon" Draconis
Age: 26
Trainer Class: VIII
Career: Team Vector Admin | Empyrean City Gym Leader

  • Power
  • Literature
  • Women


  • Rudeness
  • Government
  • Religion

Appearance: Leo likes to dress very nicely. He was raised in a very poor household, so when his distant grandmother died and left him her fortune, he basked in the lap of luxury. Black and white suits are a must, though he often leans towards black suits. His ties are hardly ever the same, though. He wears ties that accent his suits; reds', blues', yellows', even ones with designs upon them. Over these suits he wears large overcoats, or trenchcoats, nothing extremely over the top. He likes to wear dress shoes with his suits, unless otherwise stated, and these always match his suits in some way. Leo stands at a fair six feet one-inches and weighs, about, one hundred and sixty-five pounds. He works cardio more then muscles, as he doesnt believe muscle is needed to be a good Pokemon trainer. He always slicks his hair back, just like in the image provided, and is a chain smoker. So its not uncommon to see him smoking a cigarette. He carries several packs around with him. His pokeballs are located on his belt, lined along the back. Of course this same belt has an eccentrically large, and luxurious, buckle in the shape of a V. Leo's eyes are a deep blue hue, like the sky or the oceans, and are infamous for the amount of women he tends to get with them. Well, his eyes and his money.

    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Body Type: Thin | Defined

Personality: Leo has a very unique outlook on life. In his youth he lived in borderline poverty, so he parents were devout religious people. Even as a child he didnt enjoy how his parents, and the church, tried to shove the teachings down his throat. Why didnt they give him a choice? And why were they so frantic in their effort? If God did exist, if his existence was so absolute, why did they try to much? He soon found himself in the company of scholars and geniuses. He became enraptured with their teachings and the idea of science, logical, reasoning, and rational thought. As such Leo likes to think of himself as a free thinker, a mental nomad, a spring board into the future. He wishes to eradicate the world of its foolish beliefs and all tendencies tied to them. "Life is the universe becoming aware of itself", simply meaning that life and universe are the same. When the universe was created; there were stars, then planets, then life. The elements that make up the body are elements from stars; carbon, helium, nitrogen. All beings are children of a supernova. He thinks of life and the world around him as the same thing, all one part of a something greater.

First the universe was made, now its trying to understand itself, and soon it will change itself. In his eyes all the petty squabbles that humanity put themselves through are foolish. And the world would be better without them. To him pokemon and people are the same, not one is better then the other. Pokemon are no more importan then humans, and vice versa. He tends to describe things as "the universe" instead of using individual names for things. So instead of saying "lets battle" he'll often say "lets see what happens when the universe clashes with itself". Leo has no squabble with battle or warfare. Its just one more things that the universe as created. The universe battling itself, testing itself, weeding out its weaknesses. One, large, fine tuned machine. How things were created doesnt matter to him. People seek the meaning of life as if itll change the world from what it is. Life has meaning because you give it meaning. There is no such thing as death, the universe cant die. When one person dies, another is born. The universe wastes nothing, everything is simply transformed. When it comes to women Leo takes a more practical approach. While he does tend to see all life as the same. He is in awe of the form the universe has chosen for women. Sculpted perfectly to fit his wants and needs. All part of one machine. All serving its purpose.

I Choose You!

Leonardo Draconis (Team Vector Admin) Spr_5b_148
Pokémon: Dragonair
Pokémon's Personality: Being Leo's first Pokemon, stopped from evolving by Leo, Dragonair implicitly trusts his Trainer with its life. Dragonair has a superiority complex when it comes down to other Pokemon, and sees himself as absolutely superior to humans. Leo further feeds this mindset by reassuring the Pokemon that he is one of a kind. Dragonair likes free and open spaces and enjoy spending time with his trainer. He also has no issue bonding with other pokemon that Leo adds to the team. Believing that Leo's sense of judgement is superior to his own.

  • Dragon Rush
  • Surf
  • Dragon Dance
  • Outrage

Ability: Shed Skin
Tier: VIII
Extra: Male (♂)

Leonardo Draconis (Team Vector Admin) Spr_5b_149
Pokémon: Dragonite
Pokémon's Personality: Dragonite is the jokester of the group, and can hardly go a day without saying something witty or sounding like a smartass. When not battling or being a clown he likes to pick flowers or help hang up clothes to dry. He's actually a pretty nice Pokemon. But all this goes out the window when he's doing what Leo tells him to. Despite being a model citizen he has a deep admiration for Leo, and will do whatever his Trainer tells him to. Even if that means Hyper Beaming a passenger cruise ship filled with innocents. Dragonite has been known to run himself ragged doing things for Leo. And due to his ability Leo has come to depend on him for a great many things.

  • Hyper Beam
  • Fly
  • Protect
  • Hurricane

Ability: Inner Focus
Tier: VII
Extra: Female (♀)

Leonardo Draconis (Team Vector Admin) Spr_5b_371_s
Pokémon: Bagon
Pokémon's Personality: Leo hardly knows Bagon. He is his newest Pokemon and is normally the first Pokemon he uses. He gained the Bagon from a trainer in Hoenn, trading his Vibrava for it. Bagon doesnt really like Leo. He thinks he's pompous and full of himself. He also thinks Leo sees pokemon as tools, so he holds a bit of a grudge against Leo. And since Leo takes no time to try and repair the relationship, he further blames his trainer for not trying to make things better. Which in turn makes Leo not really care how he feels, and thats why he treats him like a tool. They have been known to get along from time to time.

  • Crunch
  • Double-Edge
  • Focus Energy
  • Endure

Ability: Rock Head
Tier: III
Extra: Male (♂)

Leonardo Draconis (Team Vector Admin) Spr_5b_635
Pokémon: Hydreigon
Pokémon's Personality: Probably Leo's most violent Pokemon. Hydreigon enjoys blowing stuff up and revels in battle. Hydreigon and Leo get along swimmingly. Hydreigon's bloodlust goes very well with Leo's line of work, and as such they spend a lot of time battling. Dragonair and Dragonite dont enjoy helping Leo do horrible crimes, so he uses Hydreigon. Hydreigon's favorite pasttime is training himself physically and battling strong opponents. Leo hardly likes to use Hydreigon in Gym battles. He is more of his Vector Posterboy, him and Dragonair to be exact.

  • Draco Meter
  • Dark Pulse
  • Rest
  • Giga Impact

Ability: Levitate
Tier: VII
Extra: Male (♂)

Step Into My Life

Leo grew up in a religious and poverty stricken household. His mom and her mother had been on bad terms, so he very rarely got a chance to see his rich grandmother. His father ran a pretty strict house, or rather God did. They were extremely old fashion and ran on old chrisitan values, much to Leo's dismay. Children were to be seen and not heard and so on and so forth. Even to this day Leo couldnt tell you if his parents actually cared for him. His mother refused to make amends with her own mom, despite the financial wealth it would bring them. And his father was a real hard-ass; he barely spoke to Leo. Of course he bought him things but other then that Leo was just another thing. His mom was, in a way, similar. Never once did she tuck him into bed or read him a story. He was forced to learn to take care of his own emotional and psychological needs. The only thing his parents DID force on his were their beliefs. Leo doesnt blame them for this. They were just as brainwashed as their parents, and their parents parents. Not to mention the idea of god became much more appealing to those down on their luck. Like Leo's mentor used to say; "Take out poverty, sickness, and fear. Then god becomes unnecessary". All in all his home life was nothing special or anything to be proud of. But like all stories the origins are what spring board out hero into the future.

Leo, coming from Eden Town, grew close to an older man from the town. The man went by the name of Raephin and was a trainer in his youth. Raephin was an intellectual, a man who had traveled the world, and saw something special in Leo. He had first approached the young man after he had been put out of the house, since Leo had announced to his mom and dad that he didnt believe in god. Of course this wouldnt normally be an issue. Most religious folk are strong willed and have brains in their heads. His parents did not. They placed his bags in his doorstep and told him to never come back, all this at the age of six. Raephin approached him and asked him why he wasnt home, and Leo replied with the simple answer of; "My parents are blind". Raephin invited Leo to live with him, a gesture that Leo accepted. While living with Raephin he learned a great many things about the world and the universe as a whole. Gravity, time, matter, and philosophy. His mind was a sponge, and he absorbed all he could. But that was not all he learned from this man. As he also learned to be a trainer from him. Raephin used to say; "For a man to train pokemon he must first train himself. He must experience the pain and the suffering that comes from confrontation. And then, only then, can he lead another life into battle". A principle that Leo learned everyday through rigorous exercise and combat training. He strengthened his mind and body, perfecting himself.

Raephin and Leo's grandmother were old friends. So when she came to his home and found her grandson, she was overwhelmed with happiness. She and Leo became very close and she even wrote his name in her will. So when she passed away he inherited her entire multibillion dollar fortune. Raephin soon passed after her, a testament to their secret and romantic relationship. But before Raephin passed he gave Leo his first Pokemon, a Dratini. Invoking his will unto Leo and finally passing from the world. Leo took this Pokemon and ventured into a whole new world. He had no will to battle Gyms or fight in the Pokemon League. He and his pokemon grew strong through challenging others and training themselves. Learning from each other and others. Leo has no ambition for higher power. He simply does what he knows how to do; reshaping the world in a way he thinks is noble. Despite his odd outlook on life, how he sees most things as inferior and unnecessary, he believes that balancing the powers of mankind as a good "role". He may just be a piece of a whole. But joining Vector and helping them stop humans from getting too much power appeared to be the right thing to do. But then that begs the question; "Who watches the Watchmen"? Leo has a very simple answer; "You". If you dont like what Vector does then stop it. The job as a Gym Leader is simply a ruse. And it also allows him to watch and gauge the power of other humans. And even watch the new generation grow stronger.

Love Interest: Women

  • Mom: Sora Draconis
  • Dad: Omoi Draconis
  • Sister: Gish Draconis

Rivals: None
Best Friends/s: Most Women

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