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Post  Rono on Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:04 pm

Carve Your Name In History

Tsumaru Rono  Insert%20character%20image%20here
'insert a special quote or lyric here'

We are who we are

Name: Tsumaru Rono
Age: 21
Trainer Class: 8

  • Battling
  • Girls
  • Power


  • Arrogance
  • Ignorance
  • Lack of Ambition


Rono stands at a humble height of six feet, his body type is that of a fit young man. His skin completion is of a mid caramel tone, his hair is cold black and has a light sheen it. His hair is cut low, forming an even line up across his head. He wears black plate earring at all times and has a cold steel dog tags, both marked with different words in kanji. One reads "reckless," the other "fire." His eyes are also cold and black like the things her wears, they seem all the more soulless when shown in comparison with the unforgiving darkness of the night sky.

They are probably capable of rattling even the most strongest of men, those same eyes play a key component of intimidation. Usually during the day he is at school, a college that requires him to wear a rather commercial uniform. He is to wear a white button down shirt with the insignia of the college stitched firmly to the right outside pocket of the shirt. The pants of the uniform, still black and always are creased neatly. The shoes of cores black just as the pants, the entire uniform is wrung together with a cool black long tie that falls down to the mid half of his slightly narrowed, yet toned torso. His informal clothes consist of the same colors, bland, yes but satisfying to him. There was always something about simplicity

    Hair color: Cold Black||Red Highlights
    Eye color: Gray
    Body Type: Fit||Athletic


He's somewhat cold-hearted at times, but that probably comes natural for a person looking out for himself all the time. His family was never there to embrace him and make him feel loved, he was abandoned but he always managed to look at the light side of life. The hatred caused him to drift off to the dark side. He is often fighting and has a short temper. He is funny at times when he wants to be well at least what he thinks is funny.( Which is terrorizing other people for no reason.) When in his serious mood he seems a bit emo but that's just the way he is. He is also very interested in girls....so I guess you can say pervy at some points but he can restrict it. He has a vast verity of personality but the main sticks to his very not talkative.He sometimes gets carried away while other people are in trouble and he steps in to help. Even if it's to a higher up, he sees no line between him and authority, in his eyes this person that is only in his way.

|Level Headed|- It's on rare occasions that someone or something ever strike a nerve with him. In his eyes the world is but a short time slot to make your impression on other being before you fade into darkness. He figures that tedious things such as anger should get in his way of completing said objective. With anger come an irrational mind, irrational mind leads to stupid decision, which ultimately leads to misery or some other negative emotions. Seder ties to negative emotion or at least filter it out. The only things that actually get under his skin is threats to his loved ones or to the thing he loves,or anyone that seems to be in distress really. Also if his

|Courageous|- If something were to get in his way he would do everything in his power to over come that obstacle. His ability to persevere through harsh situation only furthers his drive. Fear in a small component of awareness to him, getting an objective done is his only goal, if the situation causes for uneasy action he in, no hesitation, this may be a negative fraction of personality or human awareness, but that's just something that he has work on.

|Ambitious|- Looking at the sky with admiration is an intent to swells most human, but Rono seems to go beyond the sky, and break into another dimension his fortitude has no bounds. With error he gets back up and try again until he surpassed the expectations of the set trial. To become the best at all is his unachievable goal, yet knowing that it is very well impossible it makes him want to be the best even more so than anyone would every know. To touch the moon, with his own two hands and allow the illumination of the stars to shine bright on his flesh while doing so.

|Stubborn|- Rono makes it his mission to do something he does it to the tee. No one can tell him otherwise. If they do he only finds them annoying and is even more difficult to deal with. Co-operation is something that has to be earned and if it isn't an entire situation may be compromised to to his inability to do so. He is very thickheaded but if told to do something enough and he has even the slightest interest in it he would consider adhering to another suggestions or orders.

I Choose You!

Pokémon: Typhlosion
Tsumaru Rono  157
Pokémon's Personality: He is very and loyal to the person he has a mutual respect for. He is a determined and thickheaded pokemon, he shares the mindset of his trainer. He is however a short tempered and impatient if he doesn't get his way in a bout, causing him to become more impulsive. He holds out in losing battles in order to please his trainer, he does not give up easily.

  • Flame Thrower
  • Focus Blast
  • Roll Out
  • Eruption

Ability: When a Pokémon with Blaze uses a Fire-type move, the power will increase by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of its maximum HP remaining.
Tier: 8
Pokémon: Acanine
Tsumaru Rono  Fire_red_arcanine_icon
Pokémon's Personality: He's one of the more serious pokemon on the team. It took him a while to adapt to Rono because he was skeptical of the strength that emitted. Once he actually did warm up to Rono he became extremely strict and stern to his own trainer, he continues to push the envelope, attempting to make Rono stronger as a trainer.

  • Extremespeed
  • Flamethrower
  • Thunder Fang
  • Overheat

Ability: Intimidate:Intimidate lower's the opponent's Attack by one stage when the holder switches in (including the start of a battle).
Tier: 8

Pokémon: Charizard
Tsumaru Rono  Th_006
Pokémon's Personality: Abandoned in snowy mountains as a charmander he became bitter and distrusting of humans. Then Rono found him and talked him into standing up for himself but to take it easy of the human race. He taught the pokemon that not all trainers were not like that one specific idiot that left a defenseless pokemon out to die. He gradually became began to trust Rono after a short time in the mountains with him and eventually grew fund of Rono and allowed him to capture him. Over the duration of time the bond between the two became stronger and stronger. He began to trust humans once more.

  • Dragon Claw
  • Dragon Rage
  • Flame Thrower
  • Fire Blast

Tier: 8
Pokémon: Buizel
Tsumaru Rono  Th_buizel
Pokémon's Personality: He is a determined and go get'em type of pokemon, his spirit is always filled with nitrogen and his eyes never loose that flare. This is what cause Rono to capture him. Even with his back against the wall, facing the world this particular Buizel wouldn't bat an eyelid. He wouldn't hesitate to initiate himself and then smile in contempt after he does.

  • Aqua Tail
  • Aqua Jet
  • Water Gun
  • Blizzard

Ability: Water Veil prevents burns. If a Pokémon is Burned and gains this Ability through Role Play or Trace, the Burn will be removed. If these Abilities are lost, the Burn will return.
Tier: 8
Pokémon: Infernape
Tsumaru Rono  Infernape_sprite
Pokémon's Personality: Though he is capable of being serious in battle Infernate is usually playful and silly. If opposed by a threat his demeanor is quick to change. His glare shows the intend of death and no mercy. He is a protective pokemon, being through a lot as a chimpchar he became hardened in many aspects as a fighter. After meeting Rono his attitude didn't waver. He was as stern and adamant as he had been before before Rono forced him into submission and made the raging chimpchar bend to his will.

  • Close Combat
  • Flare Blitz
  • Giga Impact
  • Dig

Ability: Iron Fist causes the Base Power of affected punching moves to increase by 20%
Tier: 8


In the middle of a black winters night a female with pale but beautiful skin that complimented the moons rays brilliantly laid a balling baby at the step of a shrine. The baby was wrapped in pitiful blankets, torn and tattered, the only thing that could be deducted from the garb was poverty. Well it would be one of the more logical deductions. The women with her pale skin and lengthy hair stepped past the baby and knocked on the door of the shrine keeper. He glanced back at the baby as his cries filled the air, trailed by the thick mist of the cool winters air.

Her fingers pressed against the door for a moment and began to ponder if she was doing the right thing. A tear began to course down the side of her moonlit cheek and fell to the ground where she stood. Her fingers slid off the door and detached herself from the scene before the patron of the estate came to the door. A man, up in age, most likely around fifty-seven or s. The man looked around to see where the balling was coming from and then looked down to find the source. He scanned the premiss to see if there was any remnants of the person that left the infant on his doorstep. He scratched the back of his head in curiosity then knelt down to pick the baby up from the tattered cloth and gazed down into his eyes as tears rolls from the corners. The old man smiled and was smitten with the child and decided not to report it in after thinking about it. It was his intentions to care for the baby himself so he did.

Time forged onward and Rono grew, just as any other child would do. He grew up to be the leader of a small group of boys that claimed themselves to be the Pyre Paladins.

RP Sample:

Love Interest:

Pyre City Leader

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