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Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type]

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Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Empty Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type]

Post  Shichamatsu on Sun Jan 22, 2012 4:08 pm

Carve Your Name In History

Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Anime_10
'A frog in a well does not know the great ocean'

We are who we are

Name: Saedrin Kageshima
Age: 26
Trainer Class: 9

  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Anime and Manga
  • A good battle
  • Rain
  • His cause


  • An easy battle
  • Open sea
  • Smoking
  • Kids
  • Cowards

Appearance: Saedrin likes to dress comfortably. His outfit often consists of a T-shirt under a sweater vest, under a large overcoat. He wears brown khaki's and normal tennis shoes. A black scarf wraps around his neck and hangs pretty low, to about his knee's. Saedrin is of Caucasian descent with short black hair. His eyes take on a light yellow color, a rare genetic mutation. He has a thin figure with no muscle to be seen, as he doesnt waste his time working out. Trainers walk all the time, so lifting weights, or similar, would be unnecessary. A pair of glasses adorn his eyes. He stands at 6 feet one inches and he weighs around one-hundred and twenty-five pounds. Not having much muscles weight, obviously. And can even be considered to weight a bit too little. Saedrin hardly appears excited or surprised. Commonly wearing a blank, not exactly soulless, expression.

    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Yellow
    Body Type: Thin

Personality: Saedrin is an intellectual, he likes to think outside the box, and spends a great many hours thinking, even if it seems like he isnt. Due to this he looks at the world through a rational "lense" using logic and reason to determine how to treat and deal with life and its many twists and turns. Also, due to this, he can be quite and ass and insensitive to people feelings. As he tries to rationalize why they do the things they do and insults them if he thinks its a stupid reason. He has a perchance of seeing Pokemon as tools, except for those that are very close to him, albeit very expensive and awesome tools. With great intrinsic value and badass uses. He has an overbearing sense of duty, hinted with a slight bit of cynicism and sadism that comes out when he's in the heat of an amazing battle. And despite his very laid and relaxed nature, he can be very difficult to get along with. As he has, in a sense, abandoned his humanity and emotions to live a more competent life. He hardly see's eye to eye with his fellow Shitenou. But since he has known them for a while, and he is comfortable around them, he stays and hangs with them. They really arent that bad. And he is only human, after all. He still has feelings when it really comes down to it.

I Choose You!

Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Spr_4h_143
Pokémon: Snorlax
Pokémon's Personality: Snorlax was his first Pokemon, gained through less then normal means. They have been together for a long time and have gone through many hardships. Due to this Snorlax has picked up on a lot of Saedrins nicks, or maybe its vice versa? Snorlax is very protective of Saedrin, has an iron will, and unshakable resolve. He is also very lazy, as youd imagine from a Snorlax.

  • Rest
  • Snore
  • Harden
  • Hyper Beam

Ability: Immunity
Tier: 9
Extra: Male (♂)

Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Spr_4d_115
Pokémon: Kangaskhan
Pokémon's Personality: Kangaskhan is very sharp. She tends to try and look "outside the box" when it comes to day to day activities, and tries to think of the best strategies when in battle. And even though she is loyal and tends to listen to Saedrin, she isn't afraid to disobey him in the heat of combat. Only if she believes her own tactic is better then his, though. She also has a thing for picking flowers and tries to get Saedrin to help her pick flowers, much to his dismay.

  • Crunch
  • Outrage
  • Endure
  • Crush Claw

Ability: Scrappy
Tier: 8
Extra: Female (♀)

Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Spr_5b_289_s
Pokémon: Slaking
Pokémon's Personality: Slaking is the most unpleasant of Saedrin's Pokemon. He isnt very nice to people, minus Saedrin of course, and gets grouchy very easily. That isnt to say he's an evil Pokemon. He's simply a hard Pokemon to get along with. When it comes down to battle he prefers to end it quickly. Large and powerful attacks, one hit KO's, or even hurting the enemy trainer so he cannot fight anymore. In fact, he would prefer to injury the enemy trainer. That way Saedrin would have on less person to worry about, or to deal with.

  • Slack Off
  • Earthquake
  • Fissure
  • Hammer Arm

Ability: Truant
Tier: 9
Extra: Male (♂)

Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Spr_3r_113
Pokémon: Chansey
Pokémon's Personality: A cliche Pokemon. Happy go lucky and generally caring for others. But that isnt very surprisng, as her main purpose is to heal. She and Saedrin have a complicated relationship. She likes him, and he likes her, but they dont really communicate all that much. Nor does she listen to everything he says. So he often leaves her out of battle. He'll even go to great extents to not use her, in fear that she wont do what she is supposed to do, even giving up. But all in all she is loyal, devout, and will listen if she believes it is necessary.

  • Softboiled
  • Heal Pulse
  • Healing Wish
  • Egg Bomb

Ability: Natural Cure
Tier: 7
Extra: Female (♀)

Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Spr_5b_474
Pokémon: Porygon Z
Pokémon's Personality: Porygon Z has a very odd view when it comes to Saedrin. To be blunt he thinks Saedrin is god, and so he worships him like a God. This more then creeps the twenty-six year old Shitenou out. But it also gives him great control over how the Pokemon acts. He has undying and unwavering loyalty with the Pokemon. It also allows him to treat the Pokemon however he wants with no negative consequences, even if it means venting his anger on it. Which he does occasionally. He should feel bad about it, but he doesnt.

  • Lock-on
  • Tri Attack
  • Zap Cannon
  • Recover

Ability: Adaptability
Tier: 8
Extra: Female (♀)

Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Spr_5b_351
Pokémon: Castform
Pokémon's Personality: Saedrin got Castform when he visited the Hoenn Region. She is his newest Pokemon and, what he considers, his most interesting. He won him in a match against a Trainer and wanted it due to its ability to shift with the weather. He is the only Pokemon he NEVER put in a Pokeball, simply having it float around with him. He does this for one of two reasons; The first being that the Pokemon doenst wanna go into a Pokeball. And even though he can force him into it, he doensnt want to. And secondly because he likes to watch it shift and change with the weather. Castform has no real personality. It floats around and makes jokes about things and maybe even giving its opinions. So, naturally, Saedrin hears its voice a great deal.

  • Hydro Pump
  • Fire Blast
  • Blizzard
  • Thunder

Ability: Forecast
Tier: 4
Extra: Female (♀)

Step Into My Life


Love and Loss
Saedrin was born to a man and a woman who were very much in love. His father was a famous trainer out of Johto and his mother was, of course, a house wife. They had met as Rival trainers, however. His mom laid down her Pokemon when she became pregnant with Saedrin, while his father could never give up the life. So he was absent for a majority of her pregnancy, which caused great tension between the two of them. His mom resented his father for not being there when she needed him. And his father resented her for trying to make him give up what he loved. They stayed together, some sort of connect or feeling keeping them as one, even through Saedrins birth. Saedrin grew up in a typical household; mom and dad, and dreams of pokemon. But as Seadrin got older, and his father got more time, his dad started to disappear again. He had been out of the Pokemon game for years, and he had more reputation to earn. This caused his mother a great deal of pain and loneliness, none of which Saedrin could do anything to help with. But as he was too young to understand he didnt realize why his parents acted the way they did. But the time came for his father to leave the house for good. His mom and dad had about enough of each other. The world had changed them and they where no longer the people that loved each other. After speaking to Saedrin--telling him to keep with his dreams and to meet him someday--and leaving him a letter reading; "Leave this place and become a good man and a good trainer. Make me proud, my son". His father took off, never looking back at the crying Saedrin as he called out for him to come back.


After his father left, promising that they'd meet again, Saedrin started to get familiar with the word around him. He had many friends in his home of Golden Rod City, two of which were his best friends. One was a girl, and his future Ex-wife Kaori. And the next was a boy and his best friend Osamu. Kaori always had a crush on Osamu, much to Saedrins dismay who seeked someone to latch onto after his father left. It seemed that Kaori was oblivious to Saedrins feelings for her, so they got along pretty well. Saedrin and Osamu, however, were die hard rivals. Saedrin wanted to become a great Pokemon trainer. He wanted to find his dad and defeat him, then make him return to his mother. Osamu told him that he would become better then him, and he'd do that for him. Of course Saedrin took that as a challenge, and swore to defeat Osamu and humiliate him infront of everyone. Saedrin got his first Pokemon, a Munchlax, when he was around eight years old. A new man in town, from the Hoenn region, was a collector of Pokemon in his youth. He had an assortment of Pokemon to which he called his own. He, Osamu, and Kaori decided that they werent gonna wait til they were ten. They snuck into his home and stole one pokeball each, too worried about getting caught to bother seeing which ones they got. Saedrin ended up with a Munchlax, Osamu with a Dratini, and Kaori with a Vulpix. All of whom would, eventually, evolve into their final forms. Without telling their parents goodbye, the three took off on their Pokemon Adventure.

The three of them had elected to travel together. They were familiar with one another, they felt safe with one another, and they knew travelling in numbers was preferred. Kaori stayed neutral in the group. She wanted to be a Coordinator and enter contests, as Pokemon battles never interested her. Besides she was never very good at them anyways, Saedrin or Osamu always had to help her. Osamu and Saedrin, however, were always bumping heads. The stronger Saedrin got the stronger Osamu got, and vice versa. They pushed each other to their limits and beyond. Their rivalry soon turned to a bitter hatred. Saedrin needing to get stronger to prove himself to his father, and Osamu getting stronger out of some fear of being left behind. Kaori got so sick of the tension that she left the group, soon followed by Osamu himself. He told Saedrin his new goal; To become better then him, so he could defeat him and stop him from ever being a trainer ever again. Saedrin liked the sound of that, by this time he had developed a very snide attitude. The only person he reserved himself around was Kaori, who he had grown to love. She had shown some signs of returning his feelings, but had been dating Osamu for a long time by this point And so the Trio was split and Saedrin had his purpose.


He traveled Johto for some time. Defeating Gyms and trainers alike. But it seemed that, no matter how strong, he would never meet his ridiculously high standards. People would compliment him and he'd tell them that he wasnt strong enough. His father was a trainer for years before his birth, he stood no chance against a man with so much experience. His father had defeated the Pokemon League in the Johto Region, he stood no chance against that strength. His constant run ins with Osamu kept him sharp. Win and loss ratios stacked between the two, they were nearly identical with power. And with their random encounters he had learned that Osamu proposed to Kaori and they were now engaged. The man wasnt afraid to rub it in his face, knowing full well Saedrins feeling for the woman. But revenge had to wait til later. Saedrin made it to the Pokemon League, but never came out on top. He was taken down in one of the earlier rounds. He had spent so much time training and getting stronger, and he failed. But the world would throw him a life line. When Osamu heard of his failure he came to confront Saedrin. He told him about his plan to recreate Team Rocket and to rule the Pokemon World. Finally having enough to his old friends bullshit he battled him, and killed him. He dropped him in a Fissure and waved as he fell into the darkness. He met up with Kaori several months later, she was in tears about Osamu never coming back. Saedrin expressed his love for her and they got together, cause this is my history bitch.

Settling Down
Saedrin settled down with Kaori and got married. He had decided to completely give up on being a trainer and to be the father that his dad wasnt. He got a job at the Powerplant, a job he fuckin hated, and provided for his family. Not to mention all the money he had saved up for all his battles over the long years. He and Kaori were happy, as happy as he had ever been in a long time, and when there was news of her being pregnant he was even happier. He could teach his son right. He could show him all the mistakes in life, and stop him from making them. He could so what his father never did for him! But, of course, life never goes good without some bad. Happy lives werent the right of mortals. His son died while his wife gave birth, and Kaori was hospitalized for a while after. She survived the complications, but wished she hadnt. Her and Saedrin drifted further and further apart, all the while he got news of his moms death. The world seemed to crumble around him and only further punished him when Kaori committed suicide. He had no one left; No mother, no wife, no friends, and no kids. All he had left was the promise he had made himself when he was a child. He had to find his father. But instead of taking him home to a dead wife, he would drop his ass into a tremor like he did his best friend. All of this was his fault.


Saedrin chased ghosts for years. He spent every dime to his name on finding his dead beat of a father, hoping that he hadnt died yet. He wanted the pleasure of killing the man who had helped bring him into this world...killing his maker. His search brought him to the Galbarren region, a place he'd rather have never gone to in the first place. While in the Galbarren Region he found more Gyms and more trainers, and he trained himself and his pokemon til they couldnt learn anymore. He forsook the Pokemon League, he had already lost once anyways. He finally caught up with his father in Pyre City. He was an old man with a family; a wife and kids. But instead of meeting an evil man, as he had always pictured it, he was welcomed into his home. His father cried his eyes out when he saw him and told him how much he missed him. He introduced him to his new family and asked him about mom. Saedrin informed him that mom was dead. That she died alone. He then challenged his father to a Pokemon battle, which he won by killing the man. He then took the body and burned it in a Pyre, hiding it from his family. He took off from Pyre City and joined an Organization known as the Elite Four. They offered him safe harbor and the right to do as he wished. He went back home to Johto one last time, placing flowers on his mothers grave, before returning to the Galbarren to be a nobody.

Love Interest: None
Family: Siraka Kageshima (Father) - Deceased | Stumbliene Kageshima (Mother) - Deceased | Kaori Kageshmina [Maiden Name: Matsuo] (Ex-Wife) - Deceased
Rivals: Osamu Nogaki - Deceased
Best Friends/s: None
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Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type] Empty Re: Saedrin Kageshima [Elite Four Normal-type]

Post  Jack on Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:45 pm

Alright man, this app is pretty sweet and I don't see anything really that needs to be added.
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