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Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada

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Post  Raumulus on Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:17 am

Carve Your Name In History

Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada Emiya_kiritsugu
'The Sins of the Heart Weigh Heavy'

We are who we are

Name: Raum "Cypher" Yamada
Age: 32
Career: Team Vector Leader | Hearthelm Village Gym Leader
Trainer Class: 9
Likes Relaxation, Reading, Physical Training with his pokemon
Dislikes Ignorance, Silence, Most People.

Sleek and In-Charge!
Cypher always has on a long black peacoat, accompanied with a bunch of black clothes underneath, usually a collared shirt and tie. His young complexion and slick hair set the stage for his clean-shaven face. Along his belt, Cypher's pokeballs line up with black and gold customized colors. When challenged by trainers, Raum enjoys dressing up in a nice suit in order to show his luxury and impress others. Cypher likes to stand out amongst the crowd, despite being famous as a Gym Leader already.

    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Blue
    Body Type: Athletic

Sarcasm and a Touch of Formality
One word can all around describe Cypher would be: Sarcastic. When it comes to conversations with his members, he often treats them with respect...but sarcasm always finds a way inside of his comments. When it comes to opponents in battle, Cypher is immaculate and calculating. Using any motives he can to accomplish his motives in battle. Towards others he may seem cold, but it is natural for him to speak in such ways.

I Choose You!

Pokémon: Gengar
Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada Spr_4h_094_s
Pokémon's Personality: Gengar acts almost exactly as his master. Cold and calculating, sometimes cocky. Whenever Raum feels a certain way, Gengar is always on top of it and knows when to leave him alone. Often enjoys leaving his pokeball, being free and observing Cypher during his work. Gengar is Raum's first pokemon and he knows it, carrying the responsibility well.
Moves: (The moves each of your Pokémon know.)

  • Hypnosis
  • Shadow Ball
  • Sucker Punch
  • Dream Eater

Ability: Levitate
Tier: VIV
Extra: Male

Pokémon: Dusknoir
Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada Spr_5b_477
Pokémon's Personality: Dusknoir is a noble pokemon, acting like a knight in almost every situation. If there is someone in trouble, Dusknoir is quick to help. Of course, if it involves a hit, then his personality takes a complete 360. He ensures his enemies are eliminated and left without a trace of evidence. Caring for Raum, he is often concerned about his condition.
Moves: (The moves each of your Pokémon know.)

  • Will-o-Wisp
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Confuse Ray
  • Thief

Ability: Pressure
Tier: VIII
Extra: Male

Pokémon: Tyranitar
Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada Spr_4d_248_s
Pokémon's Personality: The brutal and ruthless pokemon known as Tyranitar, pays no heed to those who ask. Tyranitar is a beserker, always itching to start a fight or destroy someone's life. The only person Tyranitar listens to is Raum, but if he is in a bad mood as well, you had better run for your life.
Moves: (The moves each of your Pokémon know.)

  • Earthquake
  • Crunch
  • Stone Edge
  • Screech

Ability: Sandstream
Tier: VIII
Extra: Male

Pokémon: Chandelure
Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada 609
Pokémon's Personality: Mischievous and spunky, Chandelure is always there to light the dimly lit flame in Raum's heart. Very friendly, it often judges other pokemon as a threat and becomes extremely protective.
Moves: (The moves each of your Pokémon know.)

  • Flamethrower
  • Hex
  • Smog
  • Imprison

Ability: Flash Fire
Tier: VI
Extra: Female

Pokémon: Drifblim
Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada Spr_5b_426
Pokémon's Personality: Drifblim's personality fits its make-up. Air-headed. Often not thinking, Drifblim gets itself caught in stupid situations all the time such as fights with wild pokemon. Loves to tease others, but knows when it needs to just shut up and listen especially when Raum is talking. It never lost its "Wild" spirit.
Moves: (The moves each of your Pokémon know.)

  • Ominous Wind
  • Baton Pass
  • Gust
  • Thunderbolt

Ability: Aftermath
Tier: VII
Extra: --

Pokémon: Golurk
Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada Spr_5b_623_s
Pokémon's Personality: Stoic and quiet, Golurk observes others from a distance, only moving closer in order to engage in battles. When Golurk finally responds, his judgment is swift and unrelenting, based on his opinions alone. Likes to analyze situations before taking part, knowing the battlefield or who the opponent is are all factors included in it.
Moves: (The moves each of your Pokémon know.)

  • Earthquake
  • Heavy Slam
  • Hammer Arm
  • Iron Defense

Ability: Iron Fist
Tier: VI
Extra: Male

Step Into My Life

Life Anew! The Journey Begins!
Beginning his life in a far distant region, Raum began his adventures in Johto. From a small child, he lived together with his mother and father as an only child. His daily life consisted of training from his father, and being spoiled by his mother, that is until he turned the destined age to be a pokemon trainer. It was what he yearned for, the freedom to make his own choices and to become famous through his own wit and tact. Before he set out on his journey, his father awarded him a pokemon he had found around the area. It was a Gastly, and a strong one at that.

Setting foot into a country full of challenges, Raum wasn't prepared for the ups and downs of being a trainer. Constantly he was being stepped upon by others, trying to work his way to the top. This was already happening and Raum was only on his 3rd badge. It was frustrating. All Raum could do was continue to train until he reached adequacy. Eventually, he too was stepping on others and climbing the steep mountain to the top.
The Top of the Mountain: Establishing a Home
After becoming the Champion, Raum decided to settle down in a new region of Galbarren. There he met his wife, Aethis, and took the job to lead a Gym in the area. It was nice, and he was expecting to eventually use the money to travel the world with Aethis. However, this peace and solace would not continue for the time being. Soon after Raumulus's first daughter was born, Irith, he received a call from his home region, Johto. The news had sent chills down his spine.

Rushing back, he found out the terrible news had been true from what they told him over the phone. His mother and father were murdered in their own home, and because of his own father's faults. Spending the night one last time in his house, he was visited by a thin man in black, a large V stitched to his chest. Handing him a letter, it revealed everything to Raum. Veiraphis was a murderer, an operator of a small group called "Vector". They needed a new leader, someone to guide them through the shadows, and they requested Raum...under the circumstances that his family would be slaughtered if not.
Crumbling Resolve, Succumbing to the Darkness
Stranded, alone. Raum had to tell his family the news, his wife and daughter were rushed to a relatives far distant in the land. The work that he would do, it would release them from these chains. The chains his father had attached to Raum since birth. Even Gengar knew what his father was, and could empathize with him. They would work for as long as it took to reach the light. And so, once again, Raum trampled on others that questioned him. For he too, didn't know how to respond, and wanted to reach the summit once again. Where his family awaits.
RP Sample: This is Cyril "BADASS" Vauxhall, aka Raumulus. DO YOU REALLY QUESTION MY ABILITIES? Good, if you do, ask me. I'll go ahead and show you.

Love Interest: --
Veiraphis Yamada - Father Deceased
Eilith Yamada - Mother Deceased
Aethis Yamada - Wife - In Hiding
Irith Yamada - Daughter - In Hiding
Rivals: --
Best Friends/s: --
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