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Post  Raumulus on Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:52 am

Raumulus Vauxhall

Raumulus Vauxhall [Gym Leader] Aono10
Heaven's Fall, Man's Fall

We are who we are

Name: (What your name is)

Visual age: 17

Actual age: 19

Rank: Gym Leader (Ex-Champion of Johto)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Body Type: Athletic


Pushy People
Interrupted during his relaxation

Appearance: His hair is always unkempt, messy yet still looking good despite that fact. Clothes are always casual, baggy jeans or shorts along with a t-shirt and sometimes a hoodie if weather permits. Certain occasions will you see Raum dressed up, because he likes to but is often lazy. Other things you may notice is that he keeps a watch that doesn't work around his left wrist. When on the move, Raum can be seen carrying his necessities in a large "man-purse" or satchel. It's not gay, it's just effective.

Personality: Raum is very laid back and calm when in the presence of others that he doesn't know well. Intelligent and preserved, many grow fond of him despite his real nature of despising the general population. Friends of his know this, yet choose to hang around him because they know his nature is still good-willed. Rarely, you will see Raum act cocky, but when you do you know that he has already planned 5 steps ahead. In battles, he remains focused and determined, very serious about his job as a Gym Leader.

I choose you!

Pokémon: Gengar Raumulus Vauxhall [Gym Leader] GengarShinySprite
Pokémon's Personality: Gengar was Raum's first pokemon, ever since he was the bright age of 10. Being with him the most out of all of them, Gengar acts like Raum most of the time, often understanding each other in times of need or during battles. (Mirror Image.)

  • Shadow Ball
  • Hypnosis
  • Focus Blast
  • Thunderbolt

Ability: Levitate
Hidden Ability: None
Extra: Gift from Grandfather | Male

Pokémon: Tyranitar Raumulus Vauxhall [Gym Leader] Spr_4d_248
Pokémon's Personality: Tyranitar is the arrogant rebel of the group. Focusing more on his needs, he often shuns others feelings and acts on his own instincts. This, however, doesn't interfere with the battles with him and Raumulus. Once fighting, they both sync with relative ease. (Cool Guy.)

  • Crunch
  • Earthquake
  • Stone Edge
  • Dragon Dance

Ability: Sandstream
Hidden Ability: Unnerve
Extra: Caught in Johto | Male

Pokémon: Magmortar Raumulus Vauxhall [Gym Leader] Spr_4p_467
Pokémon's Personality: Magmortar usually isn't one to insert himself into conversations or activity. His nature is to work alone among the group, trying to make a name for himself without the help of the other pokemon. Tends to train hard to gain recognition. (Badass.)

  • Flamethrower
  • Psychic
  • Belly Drum
  • Confuse Ray

Ability: Flame Body
Hidden Ability: Vital Spirit
Extra: Caught in Johto | Male

Pokémon: Mienshao Raumulus Vauxhall [Gym Leader] 620
Pokémon's Personality: Acts a lot like Espeon in terms of intelligence. However, unlike Espeon, Mienshao tends to solve problems using its own physical power despite the prowess it often maintains. Fast and versatile, Mienshao isn't usually afraid of its opponent, in deep thought even during a battle. (Sleeper.)

  • U-Turn
  • Brick Break
  • Bulk Up
  • Fake Out

Ability: Regenerator
Hidden Ability: Reckless
Extra: Caught in Unova | Female

Pokémon: Walrein Raumulus Vauxhall [Gym Leader] Spr_4d_365
Pokémon's Personality: Walrein is almost always cheerful, maintaining happiness by being around the other cluster of Raum's pokemon. The best term to describe Walrein would be "Bro." Often relating well to others and becoming friendly very fast. Despite this, he is still a fearsome opponent.

  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Body Slam
  • Encore

Ability: Thick Fat
Hidden Ability: Oblivious
Extra: Caught in Hoenn | Male

Pokémon: Bronzong Raumulus Vauxhall [Gym Leader] 437
Pokémon's Personality: Bronzong's high quality is its own intellect. Calm and collected, Bronzong takes to Raum's command easily and is often seen out of its pokeball and at Raum's side along with Gengar. (Brainy)

  • Heavy Slam
  • Rock Slide
  • Heal Block
  • Future Sight

Ability: Levitate
Hidden Ability: Heavy Metal
Extra: Gift from Olivine Gym | Genderless

Other Extras: Raum and his pokemon like to take frequent breaks from their pokeballs. Sometimes one will find a different pokemon with him every time they meet.

Step Into My Life


Olivine and the Beginning:
Raum was born in the Johto Region, right smack dab in the center of Olivine City. Having a harbor, Raum was used to being entertained by going to the lighthouse often to visit Jasmine. He and his friends would often visit her, marveled by her abilities as a Gym Leader. Raum's future had then been decided. Living with his grandfather, Raum was given Gastly as a small parting gift on his journey. Gastly had been a pokemon that teased Raum, scaring him at nights and laughing. This made their friendships very difficult to develop.

The Journey to the Top:
Eventually, they both warmed up to each other. Taking on every Gym Leader, they never failed to make a tactical decision that didn't work. That was, until he met a man named Shichiro Takumi. That man would be the rise of Raum's new way of thinking, often competing with him neck and neck, they would both end up in ties or one would win only by a sliver. The time had eventually come for Raum to reach Olivine City, his birthplace and the right to challenge Jasmine. There were plenty of tries, and eventually Raum had succeeded. The excitement in his heart to have defeated the person who inspired his decisions! It wasn't an easy feat, and both Raum and the Gym Leader were proud. As a token of her appreciation, Raum was given a bronzor to care for. He raised it like it was his own.

The Rise and Descent of Raumulus Vauxhall:
The road to the Elite Four had finally been cleared, Raum paved the way to the final battle for Champion of the Johto Region. One shot, and Raum would be declared the strongest trainer in Johto. Through much trial and error, he came out on top. The fame and glory was now his. But, upon beating his old rival in a match for the championship, Raum had realized something. He didn't want all that fame, he just wanted to settle down and perhaps even start a family. So, he tossed his cap and handed the position of Champion back to the previous owner, taking up a job offering in the region of Galbarren. A new look too, for it was the first Gym that ever focused on using multiple types of pokemon...and the greatest roadblock to the Elite Four in history.

RP Sample:

As Cyril stood at the gates to the Shiki mansion, he couldn't help but feel like he was being ignored. A sense of insecurity flowed through his veins, there was other things that lurked in Shinrei more deserving of Cyril's attention. Cyril was dressed in regal clothes, cape dangling loosely behind him as he turned away from the towering mansion and back into the city. While dragging himself back into the inner core of chaos, Cyril couldn't help but feel perplexed. Something was different than before, the smell of a familiar scent. It stung the air with it's putrid stench...the smell of blood and death.

Ear piercing howls dove into his ears, but these were not calls from the living. The dead swarmed around his feet, souls circled around Cyril's wavering body embracing him with everlasting cold. Some taunted him, some begged for his mercy, and some simply sobbed. The weight of death added to the burden of those who needed to be saved. A curse Cyril had to bear.

Ideally, this would be the key moment to initiate his powers over death. But, with the massive deformities it would create, people would surely run from him as if he were an enemy. Amidst the battlefield of total war, no one was to be trusted. Mixtures of insanity swelled up with anger and pride, the walking corpses he gazed at in front of him struck a realization. They weren't his. Cyril withdrew his lance and brought it down upon their empty heads, spewing out fluids mixed with blood as they tumbled onto the concrete.

Breathing even heavier than before, Cyril clutched his chest with his hand, knuckles turning ghostly white from the force he was putting into it. No...Not here...But, I must! His neck snapped upwards in shock of the pain, engulfing every limb and corner of his body. The skin melted away from his face and body, arms showing the bone that supported his very structure. What had remained of his dazzling outfit now was shown in tatters, this is what lie beneath the man that led Forge.

Cyril's expression was inhuman, unable to contort his lips...which he lacked anyway. A constant state of happiness was reflected from a simple gaze, but upon his speech one could see clearly that Cyril was far from happy. A necromancer was in the area, this was his opportunity to rip the smile off of their smug faces. Controlling death was not something to be played with...Or perhaps Cyril was doing it for his own reasons?

A pace sent him into a large strip mall, people running frantically in the flames. Now would not be the time to help them, his skin reflecting the lack of humanity he retained. In this form, Cyril would not be swayed easily. His emotions have taken control...there was little sanity left in the mixture of anger and desire. Of course, his own superego would not be changed.

Cyril never once explained his form to others, there was something about it that he liked to keep secret. The madness of human beings being able to completely unleash itself...They were shown in books like "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" or simply through the forms of werewolves and other mysterious beings. This was Cyril that embraced his madness, there was no other way to explain it.

The blood coated his rotting flesh in the light of the sunset, ripping off a sleeve he tied it around his eye sockets, he doesn't use them anyway. Electrical senses worked very well while he walked in this husk, giving Cyril the senses he needed to fight capably.

There was more yelling down the various alleyways, souls wafting towards the scent of the necromancer like a moth towards light. Down the street, Cyril could tell he was getting closer. Body parts lay in every direction, Legion forces stood guarding the intersection. They turned to him in terror, firing off bullets from automatic weapons straight at Cyril.

The bullets traveled into his chest, ricocheting outwards behind him. Through pieces of his ripped clothes, you could see his beating heart as he walked towards the guards without pause. The pace ended along with the gunshots, an arm extended towards one of the men and grabbed him up by the neck. Squeezing constantly, the soldier wriggled in pain and attempted to cry out to his comrades. Unfortunately, they had all run away by that time. Cowards, they left their comrades to die...Cyril felt a little heartbroken, he dropped the man on his feet and placed a hand on his head.

For a moment, you could see salvation in his eyes...quickly taken away by a large voltage of electricity. It spouted from Cyril's hand and into the man as he fell to the ground, a new soul trying to find judgment. Following the stream of death, he saw a figure in the distance...the source of the upset.

Humming to himself the Dies Irae, Cyril looked at the figure standing before a large and ancient church. What nostalgia, to attempt to fight in front of a monolith of God. There would surely be an audience to match the hype.

A pause in his voice halted his movements, staring at the figure through his bloodied cloth. Ah, my my. Looks like you need some guidance. Perhaps some repentance is good enough for you? God surely agrees so. a crooked finger pointed to the large, gothic church. The lance still by his side, he lifted from the ground an undead monstrosity that doubled the man's height. It roared with primal anger, blood and fresh flesh spewing out from its mouth. Necromancy...such nostalgia...you have much to learn. his arms crackled with lightning as he laughed madly, bouncing off of the surrounding buildings...A storm is approaching.
Love Interest: --
Family: Parents in Olivine
Rivals: Shichiro Takumi
Best Friends/s: Shichiro Takumi

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