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Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader]

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Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader] Empty Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader]

Post  Shichamatsu on Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:36 am

Carve Your Name In History

Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader] Ragnarok_Online_Novice_by_osy057
"And if I die before I learn to speak. Can money pay for all the days ive lived awake but half asleep?"


We are who we are

Name: Shichiro Takumi

Visual age: 16

Actual age: 17

Rank: Gym Leader

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Body Type: Slim


  • Candy
  • Battle
  • Hanging Out


  • When He Gets on Ragna
  • Spicy Food
  • Rudeness


As his clothing goes, when in his Gym, he wears a very long shirt. So long, in fact, that it drags behind him as he walks, cover his feet. Over this he wears and equally as long overcoat. The shirt is white and the overcoat is black with "7", signifying he is the Seventh gym leader. When traveling he dresses a lot like a regular trainer. Shorts, a T-shirt, sneakers, and a backpack. He always has "Blackthorn" somewhere on his clothing.



With a certain boyish charm and a hyperactive imagination Shichiro Takumi is probably the last person you'd expect to be a trainer. He is rather cool, in the sense that he is extremely difficult to piss off. This is either due to his tendency to make any insult thrown at him into a joke, or maybe even the fact that he isnt the "sharpest" tool in the shed. He is rather devoid of what others like to call the "serious gene" meaning it is difficult for him to take a situation seriously. Maybe this is the reason why he seems to lack any luster. Being credited as the "most dull thing that his mother ever pushed out", Shichiro rather likes the idea of being considered a fool. Fools make the girls laugh, right? I mean, he isnt exactly swimming in a pool full of the opposite sex, but he has had some noticeable encounters. He isnt a fool, though. In fact he is probably the farthest thing away from a fool. He is merely a multilateral individual, who takes no pride, or vexation, in over simplifications...unless they are funny, then they are ok. He uses his ideals, which border on the fact that everyone is hiding something, to further his agenda. Or rather he understands that people are not entirely honest, I mean he isnt honest all the time either! He blames no one for trickery or deception as he has been known to applaud those who can fool him....which some have said isnt very hard. Which is actually quite true, as he seems to take every single encounter with someone as casual as he possibly can. This can be from his first encounter with a dangerous criminal, or even his one thousandth encounter with his arch-rival. He see's no point in not living life on second at a time, and not enjoying every bit of it. This can, and has, gotten in the way of his career as a trainer. As he seems to enjoy playing hopscotch or jumprope with kids exactly as much as he enjoys furthering his talents. This makes every single decision he makes into some sort of moral quandary as well as a dilemma. Should he paint the dog orange and sprinkle glitter on it. or should he go home and train his pokemon? A question that has crossed his mind more times then you can actually count, literally.

He has a certain distaste for anything dull, citing his favorite book "The best thing to happen to books since waterproof pages" "this is dull, I wish this was like ice cream, cause I love ice cream." A state of mind he applies to almost anything in his everyday life. If you havent already figured this out, Shichiro is rather immature, to say the least. He is also rather naive, as he tends to always see the good in people, even if it isnt even there. This is just a mask, however. Its something he forces himself to see, as he knows entirely well how dark the world truly is. He hates looking at something that pains him, thus he places the velvet tinted glasses known as denial upon his face and looks at the situation as something to be rejoiced. Taking a whole new step to a "silver lining". He is truly a complex character, full of more faults then can be counter weighted with his goods. In fact some of his goods are so "pure" that they become bad. As when something becomes more "pure" it becomes more intense, making his sense of fair play and inability to accept that someone he likes is not entirely what they appear to be, rather annoying. He is one of those people who could have a snake dangling in front of his face, and he'd still have the "dullness" to call it a gummy worm. Shichiro is hyperactive, yet lazy, he is dull, yet can be rather "sharp". Almost everything about him contradicts itself. This makes him one of the most unusual people you will, probably, ever meet.

He has many faults, and it would seem as if he was impossible to deal with. As he can be rather loud and obnoxious if he doesnt watch himself. His immaturity in the everyday is balanced by his maturity in the more private sector. Or maybe it is simply the fact that he is rather uninformed/doesnt have that mind set. First and foremost, he doesnt...initially, see girls in the standard sense. That being someone who you can build a relationship with. Even when a girl is practically throwing every sign in her arsenal at him, it takes some time maybe even a friend to tell him that she is interested. This means he cannot take a hint, rather literally. He does, however, have a certain respect for the opposite sex, as he will not even discuss anything remotely close to private with them, unless he feel comfortable around them. For Shichiro what you see is what you get. Which is rather unfortunate since he would have many more friends if he simply let them know what kinda person he is. What kinda person is he? Do you know that one guy at school? The one you have no idea existed, until you bump into each other in the hallway? And then you go on to realize that he is probably the nicest person you will ever meet? Thats Shichiro, the nicest, most naive person you will ever meet. He is also the only person you will ever meet that will, literally, have you commenting his brilliance and making you facepalm at his stupidity within the span of a few seconds. What some call mediocre Shichiro calls "home". He celebrates his mediocrity and his lack of any substantial reputation. In fact, the idea of being an absolute nobody is something he enjoys very much.

One of most important, if not the most important, aspect of being a trainer is its affinity for battle. Believe it or not, Shichiro seems to have no issue in combat. He takes to confrontation like a duck out of water, or rather the idea of confrontation. He isnt above sparring people for kicks. He had been known to beat someone down, then buy them, you guessed it, ice cream for being such a good partner. and remember while he takes general confrontation as a playful act, anything serious is a different story. He doesnt enjoy serious confrontation. As he will either try to talk the opponent out of it, or lighten up the mood to the best of his ability. He has even been known to comment that he doesnt like these "do or die" situations. Mainly due to the fact that they demand a certain action and the outcome is usually one sided. He see's this as "unfair", and since he will usually refuse to fight an opponent unless its an equal match, he hates the idea of unfairness. He is almost like a child with his beliefs, since he practically screams "this isnt fair" or "thats not fair" if he see's something that isnt.....fair. Shichiro likes to think of himself as a "free spirit" and will usually comment in ways such as, the ever famous "its seems I got lost on the road of life" or even "life brought me here, im still trying to figure out what for". This has hinted at, maybe, a belief in a higher power? Or maybe him putting meaning into something that has none. Whatever it may be, Shichiro Takumi is definitely not a person you wanna become close to......or rather not someone you wanna become close to if you are looking for someone that you can actually figure out.

Shichiro doesn't exactly know what he wants. This has lead to simply occasions to turn into a big deal. Well, bigger then they have to be, even with his tendency to like certain things equally. His thirst for knowledge is rather strangely expressed. I mean when he becomes passionate about something, he becomes obsessed. He will spend almost every waking hour thinking, talking, and trying to improve upon his said passion. But, not unlike others, he can become rather bored of something quickly. This tends to happen when one of two things take place. One, he cant figure something out. Or two, he gets angry and this cannot focus on something that he touched when he was enraged...as it brings back emotions. Shichiro has a rather peculiar mindset when it comes to death. That being that its really not that big of a deal, at least when you have lived a full life. As he has been known to refer to death as the "end" and saying that its "it". Pretty much proving that he has no religious affiliations, but is rather open to the concept. He likes the idea of no afterlife, though. He feels that it makes life more important. And that, if heaven or hell didnt exist, then humans wouldnt do good because its what their diety said was right. But they would perform good deeds because it was the right thing.

I choose you!


  • Dragonite
  • Salamence
  • Altaria
  • Garchomp
  • Kingdra

Pokémon's Personality:

  • Dragonite: Kind, caring, and determined. A will of steel, umovable in her cause! Dragonite is rather hot blooded and is always ready for a fight.
  • Salamence: Hot headed and hard to control. Salamence is, without a doubt, Shichiro's most "loose cannon" pokemon. He is obedient a majority of the time, though it isnt uncommon for him to do what he wants when he wants.
  • Altaria: Soft, caring, and loving. Altaria is usually the last pokemon sent out for combat. Due to his loving nature and borderline pacifism.
  • Garchomp: Calm, cool, and collected. Garmchomp is, without a doubt, the "cool" guy. Or atleast he thinks he is. He will usually do whatever it takes to look stylish as he fights, flys, or swims. He is also a hopeless romantic, unable to get the hearts of the females in his species.
  • Kingdra: Intelligent and wise. Kingdra is Shichiro's oldest pokemon and his oldest friend. Their bond stretches back to his youngest years. The Hardships they have endured make them inseparable. Shichiro has been known to jump in the way of attacks to ensure Kingdra stays unharmed.


Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader] 149Dragonite

  • Thunderpunch
  • Aqua Tail
  • Dragon Dance
  • Hyper Beam

Ability: Inner Focus
Hidden Ability: None
Extra: Caught in Kanto Safari Zone | Female

Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader] 373Salamence

  • Earthquake
  • Fly
  • Crunch
  • Dragon Claw

Ability: Intimidate
Hidden Ability: None
Extra: Caught in Hoenn | Male

Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader] 334Altaria

  • Perish Song
  • Sing
  • Draco Meteor
  • Refresh

Ability: Natural Cure
Hidden Ability: None
Extra: Given by Sister-in-Law Sister | Male

Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader] 571px-445Garchomp

  • Dragon Rush
  • Sandstorm
  • Giga Impact
  • Surf

Ability: Sand Veil
Hidden Ability: None
Extra: Traded for Flygon | Male

Shichiro Takumi [Gym Leader] 540px-230Kingdra

  • Hydro Pump
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Outrage
  • Draco Meteor

Ability: Swift Swimmer
Hidden Ability: None
Extra: First Pokemon | Female

Step Into My Life

Early Life

Shichiro's origins start in a small house in Blackthorn City. His parents died when he was very young, too young to remember. So he was raised by his older brother, Hideyoshi, and his fiancee, and sooner or later wife, almost from birth. His older brother had become the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City, thus he was a model citizen in the city. Shichiro was always thought to be a prodigy of sorts, due to his brothers skill. This was very true even as a young age he exemplified excellent experience when battling pokemon. His brother offered him a place in his Gym, even though his Horsea wasnt a dragon type. Shichiro, of course accepted and became one of the first Gym members that challengers would have to fight. Because of this his skills advanced quickly, as he got a firm grasp on trial and error and what his pokemon could do and what they couldnt. He was never at home in the Gym, though. He loved his brother and family, but didnt feel at home staying in one place. So, after saying good bye to his family,a nd acquiring a Swablu from his sister-in-law as a good faith present, he took to his own adventure. He would become a pokemon master, and someday he would have to return and defeat his own brother for the title.

The Adventure

Shichiro's adventure started in the Johto region at age 1o, and soon spread out across the entire world. From Kanto to Unova, he battled every and all pokemon he encountered. Catching, beating, he did it all. Gym after, Gym, after Gym he advanced, his party slowly growing in size. Its not to say he never had any problems. Multiple times he had to re-challenge a Gym leader, and each time I would lose. He would almost give up hope one day. Though it all changed when he battled a man by the name of Raumulus Vauxhall. A powerful opponent who was like nothing he had met before. Raum would soon become Shichiro's "Eternal Rival" and his number one reason to win no matter what! And even though his party changed around a few times, more so with the loss of Flygon, he and his pokemon bonded like all others. Forming powerful friendships, though none of them held a candle to Kingdra, his old Horsea. And through countless battles, gyms, and Elite 4, he grew in size and status becoming a famous pokemon trainer. His adventure would end, however, when he'd challenge the last Elite 4 on the map. He raced through them, certain that his victory was assured. That was until he came face to face with Raum, his Rival. Eager to battle him after all they had gone through, and after having not battled in a long while, he challenged his friend with no hesitation. Shichiro lost to him, and returned home to the Johto region, back to his family and rejoined his brothers Gym as his underling.


A new adventure was calling. A new region known as the "Galbarren" region had opened its doors to outsiders! New gyms, new badges, new challenges. This was it! He couldnt wait, he couldnt sit down defeated! He said goodbye to his family one more time and embarked on a whole new quest. Though his ambitions would be brought to an abrupt halt. Not because he journey was lame, but because the Galbarren region had something else in mind for him. Upon arriving, he was informed that they wished for him to be a Gym Leader! He couldnt believe it! Shichiro Takumi! He quickly accepted and became the Dragon Gym Leader of the Galbarren Region, much like his brother in the Johto Region!

RP Sample:

Huh? he mutter rather aloofly. He didnt quite get what she meant by "forcing someone into their privacy". You cant really force someone into privacy, that would be a prison at that point. He bent his knee's a bit as she saw her try to look above him, it seemed his hair was too big and got in her way. He'd been told by many people that he needed a hair cut, that it was too untamed. Pfft, whatever. He had seen people with much crazier hair then him before, trust him on that. He looked up towards her face again, and got a view of it from a different angle. Once again, he found it difficult to look away. Maybe a heaven really did exist, right? That could be the only explanation as to why someone like her existed. But now wasnt the time to gawk at Ashwings beauty! Now was the time to get to her main concern. That being that there was, apparently, a man being dragged into an alleyway somewhere. He turned his head slightly, and caught the image of a man's legs begin dragged into a dark corner. It was as she said, someone was being "forced" into privacy. Wonderful, after he had just made it into a good thing, these guys just show her the bad in it. Why cant things just be pure? Seriously, all the shininess of the world paled in comparison to its mucky darkness. He snapped his head back to her once again. Whatever the hell was going on here wasnt good. He had planned on just letting it be, as things like this happen all the time. But it was too late. Ashwing had already made her way towards the alley. And there was no way in hell he was gonna let her go alone.

Standing up straight, he ran to catch up to her. This kinda stuff happens a lot. Murder....ugly thing he said to her rather bluntly, no need to sugar coat it. He made sure to stand in front of her, so she would be following close behind him. It was his job to keep her safe, right? He was also the teacher at this point. What kinda teacher would he be if he let his student get harmed. Naw, he would die before he let that happen, thats for damn sure. He hugged against a wall, and peeked around the corner. A number of shady figures stood at a door, talking. He couldnt quite make out what the hell was going on, but it was painfully obvious that these people werent your average guys. Their bodies seemed normal, though they were hidden under dark robes. Their heads turned slowly towards him and Ashwing, which forced him to back up and pull her towards him so they couldnt lay eyes on her. He was rather freaked out at the moment. They were either serial killers, or something else entirely. That would make a lot of sense. If Ashwing was an Angel, then THOSE things had to exist. Dont worry, Ashwing. We'll take care of these guys and save that dude. All right? I promise. he whispered to her, trying not to attract too much attention. He slid over towards the corner once more. Trying to look around it without making his presence too noticable. If they were still looking their way, then they could see him if he stuck his head out too far. He needed a way to conceal himself. Right! his expression lit up as he realized he could do just that!

Placing his back firm againt the wall, he cycled through a few handseals. The technique was very basic, so it didnt require anything flashy. He closed his eyes and concentrated, imagining the wall behind him in his mind. And sure enough, little by little, his body began to blend in with the wall. To Ashwing, not using her soul looking, it would seem as if his body were melding with the wall, slowly becoming nothing. Luck for him, the building they were in seemed to have the same tint as all the walls in this district. Lucky for him, they had found themselves in the slums of Amegakure. The only real place where shit like this could actually take place. Follow close behind, stay in the shadows. If anything happens, run. were his final words as his form finally became completely hidden. These guys couldnt see him now, no matter how hard they tried. He knew it was a good idea to learn that jutsu. Many ninja pride themselves on their uber destruction techniques and dont take much time to learn those stealth ones that came in handy during situations like this. Of course those ninja also had stealth techniques, special ones that tended to be quite effective. So it wasnt like they were sacrificing much anyways. Shichiro lifted his nose to the air and adapted his essence to mirror Ashwing's, he caught her scent again. He could track her anywhere like this, he had to make sure he wouldnt lose her. Plus, it didnt hurt that he seemed to enjoy how her chakra signature smelled. Weird, yea, but he just did.

He wasted no more time with preparation, reaching into his pouch he pulled out a kunai. He was extra careful as the sound of them clinking together was more then enough to give him away. Especially if these things were ninja, the sound of a pin hitting the floor could ruin the entire damn operation. He looked at Ashwing one last time, who by this point couldnt see his physical body and nodded at her, though she probably couldnt have seen that either. He slipped around the corner, racing into the house and finding cover in the shadows. The house was rather small, it had about two rooms not including the kitchen and living area. No light existed anywhere except for the constant humming street light outside. He slipped around a corner within the house, peeking out slightly. What he found, was something he didnt want to ever see again. The men had the prisoner strung up from the ceiling. He was hung by his left foot, leaving the other to, uncomfortably, hang down. Shichiro glanced over at his face. He was out of it. He seemed to be in a state of semi consciousness, even if he look as if he were in a realm of nightmares. His face was stricken with fear, and sweat ran down the man's face. Blood will spill said a very deep voice. It mustve been one of the men. He didnt SOUND like a man, though. Not only was his voice inhumanly deep, but it sounded.....evil. It sent shivers down Shichiro's spine. His blood stood frozen by the rattle it sent to his bones. These guys werent normal. He watched again as they lifted a long, ceremonial, blade. It was very fancy, twisted, gnarled. It had blood stains all over it. That was good, Shichiro would be able to track them like that.

He closed his eyes once again, this time contacting the Ark. This doesnt look good, im gonna need your strength Shichiro pleaded to his leader. The sentient realm was, next to Ashwing, the closest thing to a divine he had ever met. The things the Ark could do were.....impossible. Shichiro waited for a moment, hoping for a reply. It's yours, always has been. came a reply. He was told that he never had to ask for the power, but tended to do so a bit anyways. He didnt know why, it made him feel like he wasnt greedy. This power was his now, and he'd use it to finish these guys off. Tapping into his abilities, six crosses appeared upon Shichiro's forehead proof that he had begun to tap into his chakra pool. A heavy mist set over the room, making it impossible to see anything. The men in to robes halted their homicidal tendency immediately. What is that? the leader spoke again, this time his voice filled with curiosity. They hadnt seen this mist before, nor did they realize exactly how screwed they were. Shichiro placed the kunai in his mouth and exhaled slowly. As he did so his body began to slow down. His heart came to almost a complete halt. Simultaneously, he found his senses boost to superhuman levels. A plethora of smells entered his nose, Ashwing's being the one he kept his attention on. He also focused on the blood on the knife, it gave away their positions so well. Fools underestimated humans, and they would pay with their lives. He removed the kunai from his mouth and readied it for usage. He would do this as quickly as possible. His steps were quick, but silent. His attacks were the same, and they were inescapable. One throat, two, three, four. One by one he silently killed them, showing no mercy to those who would attempt to commit such atrocities. And as the last body fell, he released the mist.

The single light once again illuminated the small room. The man's body was fine, no bruises or marks. The drew no blood from him, Shichiro came just in time! He sighed with relief as he realized that he kept his promise. He turned around and awaited Ashwing to make herself visible. He was happy that he could at least do this for her. It may seem strange, but that was the only real reason why he helped the man. He had her to thank, not Shichiro. Ashwing? Shichiro called to her, hoping she was okay. His relax time would be brought to an abrupt halt, however, when the man he had just saved sprang to life. His eyes swelled up to the point where they popped like balloons, sending blood all over Shichiro's body. His body contorted and grabbed Shichiro by the arm, his tongue grew long and whipped around outside his mouth. He looked up at Shichiro, staring at him from his now eyeball-less head. To hell! said the man. His mouth not even moving. It was a similar voice, a creepy voice. Shichiro could feel as his body stopped moving! He felt the floor below him shake like a great earthquake had just came upon him! A tremor ran through the floor, collapsing it below him and sending him into a dimsension below him. Do not fret, boy. We shall look after the Angel said the voice again, this time with a cackle. Shichiro landed on his feet, trying to regain his posture. What the hell was going on? Where was he? All he could see were flames, darkness. All he could hear were screams. ASHWING!!! he screamed as loud as he could. Her scent was faint, but it was there. He needed to hear she was okay. I need to find her he thought to himself. Though he knew it wouldnt be that easy. Drawing the energy within himself, he manifested a katana into his right hand. More killing, eh? Guess thats what he signed up for.

Love Interest:

  • None


  • Hideyoshi Takumi: Big Brother [Blackthorn City Gym Leader]
  • Gish Takumi: Sister-In-Law | Older Brother's Wife


  • Raumulus Vauxhall

Best Friends/s:


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