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Kazuya Suzume

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Kazuya Suzume  Empty Kazuya Suzume

Post  djay on Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:55 pm

Carve Your Name In History

Kazuya Suzume  Ko_Cloud_by_semokan
'Dont let the bed bugs bite!'

We are who we are

Name: Kazuya Suzume

Visual age: 14

Actual age: 14

Rank: Elite Four

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Blue

Body Type: Small, slim, adorable

Likes His sister, girls (secret), books

Dislikes Being confronted about girls (embarrassed), people who over look or underestimate him (hurts his self esteem), nights without his stuffed rabbit (still connected to his young child hood)

Appearance: Kazuya looks very young, and he is in fact quite young to be and elite for member. he tends to wear normal childish cloths that hide his slim and small body. he also wears certain accessories like glasses and a necklace that his older sister gave to him as a kid. his body shape is quite small and thin, normal for a child his age, yet he has just reached a growth spurt, which is also normal for a kid going through adolescence. he carries a notebook in his pocket at all times, and a white watch on his right wrist. he also carries a picture of him and his sister at her gym, because she is his idol in terms of future appeal. his shoes are the only thing 'cool' about him. he tends to wear un-branded cloths, but his shoes are the most expensive nike's.

Personality: Kazuya can most easily be described as shy and concealed to everyone around him. he seems to have created a wall around his heart that causes him to be socially awkward in some cases. the only person he feels accepted and normal around is his older sister, who he cherishes and always looks up to. he doesn't think much of his title as an Elite Four member, but he accepts it with some sort of pride. Kazuya also is quite nervous and tends to tremble anywhere he is, especially if he is alone. in fact he is scared of almost everything except his sister, and insects. Kazuya is still scared of the dark, unless he has his stuffed bunny that he had as a kid. no one knows about his stuffed bunny except the elite four members and his sister though, he is quite embarrassed to mention that he still has it to calm him down at night. Kazuya also keeps a watch, which he commonly checks as if he is always late, unless, again, if he is with his sister. this shows how nervous he is. While battling though, confidence begins to bubble up inside him and his skills as an Elite four member emerge, the talent that got him to become the youngest trainer in the Elite four history.

I choose you!

Pokémon: Forretress (D) Kazuya Suzume  20510

Pokémon's Personality: Kazuya's Forrestress, or as kazuya calls him 'E', is very calm and thoughtful in the heat of battle. there isn't really a special emotion that E shows when sighting, though he is always kind when out of his pokeball.

  • Toxic Spikes
  • Rapid Spin
  • Stealth Rock
  • Explosion
    Ability: Sturdy: pokemon takes less damage from hits

Pokémon: Yanmega (C) Kazuya Suzume  46910

Pokémon's Personality: Kazuya's yanmega is a very aggressive and spaz like creature, twitching here and there. but because of this it has very fast reflexes, that and its quite aware of any sudden movements that are delivered by the enemy. other than that, it only calms down when not in battle and in the presence of kazuya himself.

  • Bug Buzz
  • Double Team
  • Shadow ball
  • Psychic
    Ability: Speed Boost: Speed is casually increased each post

Pokémon: Scizor (B) Kazuya Suzume  212-m10

Pokémon's Personality: The scizor that belongs to kazuya is cocky as hell and acts like he is the tough shit in the bunch. he acts like the cool leader of all the bug pokemon, despite him not being exactly the strongest. it also enjoys Gymnastics.

  • Rain Dance
  • Acrobatics
  • Light Screen
  • Brick Break
    Ability: Technician: Moves with a base power of 60 ( Acrobatics) or less raise to 1.5 times.

Pokémon: Shuckle (A) Kazuya Suzume  21310

Pokémon's Personality: The pokemon is never in the pokeball, as Kazuya carries the suckle everywhere in both his arms. the shuckle is very similar to kazuya, shy, adorable, and somehow it gives off this cuteness. the shuckle likes to read with kazuya and sit with him when relaxing. the shuckle seems to, like kazuya, gain confidence when battling.

  • Power Split
  • Earthquake
  • Rock slide
  • Toxic
    Ability: Sturdy: pokemon takes less damage from hits

Pokémon: Genesect (E) Kazuya Suzume  64910

Pokémon's Personality: Genesect is the most rare and peculiar pokemon kazuya has. its nature is that of un trust, except towards both Kazuya and his sister, whom its trust it gives towards, it was rescued by the two of them when team plasma was testing on it, and thus it devotes itself to them. without kazuya, its easily angered and frustrated.

  • Thunder bolt
  • X scissor
  • Flamethrower
  • Ice beam
    Ability:Download: Attack is increased when the foe’s Defense is lower than its Special Defense or increases Special Attack when the foe’s Special Defense is lower than its Defense.

Pokémon: Volcarona (F) Kazuya Suzume  63710

Pokémon's Personality: Volcarona is elegant and slightly shy, but not as much as kazuya's shuckle. She loves to bat her wings and seemingly dance around when she is let out, meaning she is somewhat playful.

  • Hurricane
  • Fiery Dance
  • Morning Sun
  • Protect
    Ability: Flame Body: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with BURN when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.

Extra: Kazuya's nicknames for his pokemon are the Alphabet, given to the pokemon by the order he caught them in.

Step Into My Life

History: Born on Mikan Island he spent most of her early life with his mom, sister, and his pokemon. While His sister took solace near the waters, kazuya took interest in the garden at his house were bug pokemon tended to visit. it was there were he found the majority of his pokemon. he always saw his sister as the best pokemon trainer out there, and wanted to be just like her. Thus, he trained his pokemon and traveled the world soon after his sister left to make her own gym. at this time he was 11. for the next couple years, he trained and was asked to become an Elite four member after the skill he showed. though, before he became a Elite four member, he came across a very unusual pokemon, one that he and his sister saved from Team Plasma.

RP Sample: Alteria, the lawless country that has separated itself from a rule of one person, for the reason that they are unsatisfied with the way their previous homes had treated governed. Criminals that disbanded from their countries and desired refuge in this seemingly free world despised their homelands, looking upon them as the corrupt ones instead of themselves. they saw life in those countries as unfair and impatient to the ones whom needed the patience, a more criminal place than the actions they had taken. Despite their actions to escape their displeased gestures of the land they once called home, they were unhappy with the circumstances that they had to deal with in their new environment. the homes, the shops, the people, all of the things in this land were despicable and pathetic. Starvation and illness plagued certain parts of the land, while criminal activity was becoming quite extreme. Alteria had now gained the reputation of being the outlawed land, were the criminals used it as their playground. And, in a way it was true, yet the peoples were not satisfied. they longed for a certain guidance from some kind of authority, stronger than that of the countries they one inhabited, and as a result gangs began to flourish, dominating segments of Alteria. However, these gangs did nothing for the land, but bring more poverty and pain to others while they bathed in glory and riches.

though, underneath the notice of the peoples in Alteria, the gang leaders were being killed off so that their were no separate peoples anymore, but one homogeneous class of criminals. This class, now, had learned that there was indeed a group responsible for the exterminations of the greedy criminals whom wanted to rule with the intention of only bringing themselves power and glory; That group goes by the name of Legion.

Legion had made their base in these lands, while planning to take action to the goal that they had devised. however, they had merely made Alteria their dwelling at the time. However, Now Legion sees much more significance in Alteria as a whole then they did before. they see potential in this country that is looked down upon by all its neighbors. And, because Alteria now has a certain importance to Legion, there was no time in acting on it.

the ground shook vigorously, the murderers, the thieves, the pillagers, the Warriors that had been dubbed outcasts of their village, All the inhabitants on Alteria began to notice. Screams of the women in the village could be heard as fear rushed through their veins, like the very blood in their body. Than, they felt a whole new level of fear, as soon their lives would be in the hands of a powerful being. The earth began to crack in the center of Alteria, and lava begin to shoot out in massive amounts, though it did not crash down on any of the civilians of this run down country. the molten magma seemed to arch over the inhabitants of Alteria, creating a majestic spectacle of crimson power. The lave than seemed to crash in on itself, still harming not a single soul in the land, and within a couple minutes, the magma hardened and created a large mountain that overlooked the entire land. people from all over Alteria began to crowd this new mountain as rumors spread throughout the edges of the land. everyone mobbed around the mountain, circling it as if they were moths drawn to a light.

"i....i see someone on top!" a blue eyed child spoke out as loudly in the mass of individuals. people began to agree and point to the top were a slim hairline could only slightly be in sight. The hairline then, right after being noticed, vanished into thin air. the men, women and children began to roar in excitement as they looked at this tower in a more interested perspective, knowing it was created by a single creature or being. images of an all powerful god like being creeped into every one of their minds, one that could change the lifestyle that they were living in currently. They also roared to see this being that had created this mountain, and that being soon showed himself. on a plateau that was in view of the Alterians, a man appeared in modest nomadic attire. A torn and dirtied white scarf swayed in the breeze along with fiery red hair. Blue eyes encased in black rings from sleepless and painful nights scanned the civilians, while they merely looked up in awe and astonishment. The man than said, with a booming voice:

"My Brothers! I have present myself to the public of Alteria to offer an alternative to the circumstances that you have all become unhappy with, a route that had not been discovered until now. I present to you a life that none of you people have experienced, because the society that you ripped yourselves from were the real criminals of the world, blaming and naming you as the unjust ones to avoid their own corruptions."

At this introduction, the crowd did not argue with him, but merely roared in agreement. unintelligent cries of happiness spread through the circumference of the mountains like a disease that had no possible cure. when the cheers began to fade, the man continued:

"society has committed atrocities to the race of humans, vampires, werewolves, and every other being on this planet. One atrocity can be rooted from the very countries you left and it is one thing i will make known to you all. These countries you came from are afraid of your thoughts; they cower at the very mention that your free minds have not been hypnotized by their ideals. You peoples, the ones whose mind would not break to the pressures of the world, realized how unfair and irrational your leaders really were in proclaiming your judgment without patience whether you are individuals whom desired equality over class, or whether you simply could not be succumbed by their overall plans for the future the country had in mind: whether it was too much or too small."

This section of the speech was to gain complete dedication of the civilians of Alteria, as they were displeased in their countries actions and lifestyles o much as to leave them, thus they allowed a hate and disgust towards their original countries to grow inside them. However, The mas was getting to the more expanded point of the speech.

"Though, there is a greater atrocity the threatens every aspect of life as we know it. One that looks down on humanity and laughs at us while we suffer and struggle to survive through the circumstances that He planned for us. the almighty creator, the one whom is said to have designed each of our destinies. Yet we keep pondering on how the world has come to this crippling position when the real reason as to why life has fallen to such an extreme has been worshiped by us rather than seen as the tyrant. So I tell you this, all the chaos, all the pain, all the depression, all the deaths, all the sufferings that each and every one of you are burdened with was planned out by Him while he throws each and every being into a land that he created to be self destructive. humanity has been well known to be a race to be stricken by the war and the vile philosophies that have tarnished into our once innocent minds to act on destructive emotions. So, to blame your country for treating you without respect is only a very small fraction is a more wider and vivid picture. but to blame the all mighty to have designated you as a poor, unschooled, and ultimately hurt individual was all because of Him. He threw you into this life, and He believes that He will continue to watch the races he created squirm under the sever circumstances he has provided for us. So i offer a solution, one that will allow us to one day rid the world of the ones whom have persuaded themselves to by a puppet to the disgusting world He has created and afterwords rid the world of He himself. I say this because He has no more control over our destinies because i have bent the fabrics of His control on us, giving us the power to rebel against the ultimate tyranny. Then, a new world shall be born, one with a , more equal, more appealing, more civil society, one that will call you individuals its first generation! So i ask you to join me, kazuya eden, as the one whom will grant you this miracle, become your leader, your MASATO! "

Love Interest: has no crush, but is interested in young romance.
Family: Asuka Suzume's younger brother
Rivals: NA
Best Friends/s: His sister
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Kazuya Suzume  Empty Re: Kazuya Suzume

Post  Asuka on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:37 am

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