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Post  Isaac on Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:53 am

Isaac Kennedy  Shino-Shippuden
"I am the shadow on the moon at night, Filling your dreams to the brim with fright"

Name: Isaac Kennedy

Visual age: 19

Actual age: 19

Rank: Gym Leader

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Body Type: Tall, medium build

Isaac loves to sleep and be lazy.
Loves beating the weak trainers who challenge him.
He loves to scare the water gym leader Asuka Suzume
Loves being silent and mysterious
His Ghost pokemon

He hates to be disturbed from his naps.
He dislikes weak trainers who challenge him and think that they can win.
He hates when people try to remove his hood and goggles
Most of the tourists who flock to his city
The trainers who shout that they got the gym badge, just like Ash does

Appearance: Above in the pic its what he wears all the time, he keeps his pokeballs on his belt underneath his coat and has his fathers scarf wrapped around his waist.

Personality: Isaac is that of a nature of a lazy sleepy person who rarely goes out of his gym. To most of the other gym leaders he is kinda creepy and is avoided by most of them. He acts like the ghosts he own appearing out of nowhere and dissapearing without a word. The only thing he gets a kick out of is scaring Asuka Sazume of the Hiela Island gym. He is very seclusive and whenever he is seen he is very quiet but once you get to know him he is fun loving if he is awake enough to hang out with.

I choose you!

Pokémon: Gengar (Spectre), Dusknoir, Golurk, Chandelure, Cofagrigus (Loki), Vigoroth

Bold is team i use for my gym battle, Nickname in

Pokémon's Personality:
Gengar: is Isaacs first pokemon he caught as a ghastly so he acts just like him.
Dusknoir: He is very calm and collective and will fight to the bitter end.
Golurk: He is a very prideful pokemon who intimidates any small pokemon he goes against.
Chandelure: Is a very shy pokemon who hates to be staired at and always hides from people it doesnt know, but when it comes down to a fight it would go all out.
Cofagrigus: He is a very goofy pokemon who loves to scare others by going transparent and vanishing into the ground to just reappear behind the person and give them a good scare.
Vigoroth: He is the most scariest of the team he hates to be messed with and would try to attack others who would try to mess with him.

Gengar: Thunder, Shadowball, Hyperbeam, Darkpulse.
Dusknoir: Shadowsneak, Shadowpunch, Nightshade, Focusblast.
Golurk: Fly, Megapunch, Focuspunch, DynamicPunch.
Chandelure: Nightshade, Inferno, Flameburst, Imprison.
Cofagrigus: Shadowball, Nightshade, Ominouswind, Protect.
Vigoroth: Focuspunch, Earhtquake, Icebeam, Shadowball.

Gengar: Levitate, gives full immunity to ground type moves
Dusknoir: Pressure, causes the foes pokemon to tire out twice as fast
Golurk: Iron fist, boosts the power of punching moves
Chandelure: Flame body, contact with this pokemon may burn the attacker
Cofagrigus: Mummy, contact with this pokemon spreads the ability
Vigoroth: Vital spirit, prevents the pokemon from falling asleep

Step Into My Life

History: Isaacs life is mostly unkown because of how secluded he is but his mother was Sabrina from Saffron city in kanto and his father is Morty from Ecruteak city in johto. His parents were both gym leaders his mother favored psychics and father loved ghosts and isaac began to love the ghost types over the psychics. When he reached the age of 10 his dad gave him a pokeball and his scarf and insided the pokeball was a Ghastly which he nicknamed Spectre. As he set on his travel he met a trainer by the name of Arashi Duskveil who had an obsession with dark pokemon which made them both good friends since Isaac had an obsession with ghost types.

They traveled together for a while earning gym badges until Arashi was offered to become one of the elite four and thats when they went there seperate ways. Isaac traveled by himself until he happened upon a city call Mist Veil and chalenged the gym leader who was also a ghost type user and as they battled the old gym leader was intrigued by Isaac and offered him to take his place when he retired and isaac agreed. After a year of training with the old gym leader he was ready to replace him and once that day came he was dubbed the new gym leader of Mist veil city. As another year went by as Isaac as gym leader he mastered his ghosts and became very seclusive and lazy because of how less trainers made it tohis gym and if they did they were utterly defeated except for the few that were lucky enough. Whenever he decides to leave the gym he is mostly silent to the other people living there and the tourists he ignores.

Isaac still travels the world but when he doesnt he is seen sleeping in his gym, but theres one person who he likes messing with and that is the Water gym leader Asuka Sazume. She never fraks out because how much in tune with zen she is but he just loves to creep her out. He always keeps his head shrouded by a hood, muffler and goggles so most of his features are hidden. Isaac will continue to train with ghosts and stay at his gym to be challenged by weaker trainers hoping to make it to the elite four. He still keeps contact with Arashi but never visits him because of how lazy he gets.

RP Sample: RPG Haven, Posts by Surge in this battle http://rpg-haven.forumotion.com/t1249-sick-perfection-closed-surge

Love Interest: None
Family: Mother-Sabrina, Saffron city gym leader/Father-Morty, Ecruteak city gym leader
Rivals: None
Best Friends/s: Arashi Duskveil

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Isaac Kennedy  Empty Re: Isaac Kennedy

Post  Arashi on Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:58 pm

Isaac Kennedy  45070jigglypuff
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