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Arashi Duskveil

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Arashi Duskveil Empty Arashi Duskveil

Post  Arashi on Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:48 am

Carve Your Name In History

Arashi Duskveil Christopher
'Let your fear fuel my darkness'

We are who we are

Name: Arashi Duskveil

Visual age: 18

Actual age: 18

Trainer Class: Class IX

Carrer: Elite Four

Love to be alone reading
Spending time with Bisharp
Eating Sweets
A really good book
The Ocean
Anyone who has the guts to say that they can beat him to become to Champion.
Gym Leader Asuka Suzume
Hanging out with Isaac and Asuka

The Sun
People who use their Pokemon in ill ways
Being called a Coward

Elite Four Clothing
Arashi Duskveil 1251236186_2834_full
Clothing for going out
Arashi Duskveil Christopher

Hair Color: Midnight Black
Eye Color: Vermilion
Body Type: Slender, but a little musclar
Personality: Arashi is normally a person who loves to keep to himself, usually only speaking normally to his pokemon, and his friends and family. He has a no none sense attitude when it comes to pokemon battle, just like chess, he believes that a strategy is the best thing, if you want to win against him, come prepared or you are going to lose. Around the Gym Leader, Asuka Suzume, he will talk to her but never straight into her eyes, he secretly has a crush on her, and because of his how he acts, he tries to tell her but is never able to. His pokemon on the other hand try to make him tell her, but he insists that he keeps it to himself.

I choose you!

Pokémon: Bisharp
Pokémon's Personality: Bisharp was Arashi's first pokemon, every noble and powerful, it loves to help those who are in need, and loves to go all out in a battle, even if the odd are against him. He is very loyal toward Arashi and his friends.

  • X-Scissor
  • Swords Dance
  • Night Slash
  • Stone Edge

Ability: Defiant - When any of its stats are decreased, its attack increases
Tier: Tier IV

Pokémon: Absol
Pokémon's Personality: Absol is a very shy pokemon, it doesn't really like to be messed with, but loves little children, in a battle its a completely different story. Very calm and aware of things, very intelligent.

  • Double Team
  • Pursuit
  • Fire Blast
  • Will-o-wisp

Ability: Super Luck - Heightens the critical- hit ratios of moves.
Tier: Tier II

Pokémon: Hydreigon
Pokémon's Personality: Hydreigon is a very brutal Pokemon to the point sometimes where he would have to withdraw him from battle, even though he act like this Arashi appreciates him a lot. Around Arashi, he is a kind and gentle pokemon, on the field, he is a ruthless pokemon which would do anything to win.

  • Crunch
  • Surf
  • Acrobatics
  • Earthquake

Ability: Levitate - Gives full immunity to all Ground-Type attacks
Tier: Tier VII

Pokémon: Tyranitar
Pokémon's Personality: Tyranitar is very protective of Arashi, usually seen beside Bisharp a lot because they think the same, he is a very noble attitude the same as Bisharp's. In battle he is very calm, and relaxed, always allowing the opponent to make the first move in order to create a strategy.

  • Stone Edge
  • Focus Punch
  • Crunch
  • Substitute

Ability: Sand Stream - Able summon a sandstorm in battle, it lasts for the remainder of the battle or until it is replaced by another weather condition.
Tier: Tier IV

Pokémon: Weavile
Pokémon's Personality: Weavile is a no nonsense pokemon, it doesn't take crap from anyone and will attack another pokemon, if it does so. Toward Arashi, Weavile is his sparing partner, they will fight each other for the thrill, they both love it, that's the way they have been ever since they meet.

  • Icy Wind
  • Blizzard
  • Dark Pulse
  • Quick Attack

Ability: Pressure - Raises Foe's PP usage by 1
Tier: Tier IV

Pokémon: Zoroark
Pokémon's Personality: Zoroark is more of a chill type, it hates to do anything, when chosen for a battle it will just run around the battlefield dodging the opponent's attacks, if one were to hit him, then its a different story. Arashi has never really seen Zoroark mad, since he rarely uses him in a battle due to his attitude, but all he can expect is it's not pleasant.

  • Night Daze
  • Night Slash
  • Rock Smash
  • Dark Pulse

Ability: Illusion - When it comes into the battle for the first time it takes the form of the opposing pokemon until it is attacked
Tier: Tier VII

Extra: (Anything extra you want to add about yourself or your Pokémon.)

Step Into My Life

Arashi was born into a wealthy family known was Duskveil Family and are known mostly for their great ability to battle with their Pokemon, but their real insignia is that each and everyone of the Duskveil family has or had a Bisharp, and it was the first Pokemon they had. With Arashi this was the same, except one thing, all of the members of his family went out after the strongest Bisharp there was, and in the end each one of them, had gained the trust of their Bisharp to the point where they are like siblings. Arashi had chosen to do it the hard way, first he gained to trust of the Bisharps in one area, becoming a brother to all of them, but instead of choosing a Bisharp, he choose a Pawniard. At that time he was 6 Years Old. All of this family members were in awe at what had happened not understanding why he would do this, but only the head of the household, his grandfather understood what he was doing. He was truly trying to earn the trust of this pokemon.

Around age 13, Arashi had a new addition to his Pokemon Family, Umbreon, she was a great help to Arashi, along with Bisharp. Absol meet Arashi while he was alone in the woods around midnight. He was going camping and found her, with a wounded paw, laying next to a tree about to be attack my a Beedrill who though that she was invading its space. Grabbing a piece of stick, Arashi fought off the Beedrill trying to get it away from Umbreon, it worked but he came out with scars on his face and some missing skin on his left arm. Laying next to Umbreon they were now both injured, and Bisharp as still asleep in their tent. Now it was around Midnight, the moon's light was being down on them as if it was looking at them. Then Absol began to glow with a radiating aura, it felt gently put powerful, her paw was healed, along with Arashi's scars. Absol had never meet kindness like Arashi's, the fact that he protected her from a Beedrill, she was amazed by his power, and decided to join him, along with Pawniard, going back to the tent, Absol laid to Pawniard, who was already a sleep, unaware of what had happened that night.

Through the ages of 14 - 18, Arashi added Zoroark, Hydreigon, Weavile, and Absol to team, completing his pure team of darkness, and finally Bisharp evolved into Bisharp, taking its place along the others in the Duskveil Manor. At the age of 18 Arashi was selected to become the Elite Four's Dark Pokemon Trainer or what he likes to call it, "The Dark Flame of Despair." Now with his ultimate team of Dark type pokemon, he awaits the challenge of any trainer who wishes to become the next champion. Always warning them, "Strategy is the key, without it you will meet your demise!"

Along the way, he meet three people who help him become the trainer he is today. Jack Ganseki, The Elite Four's Rock Type. Isaac Kennedy, The Ghost Type Gym Leader. And Asuka Suzume, The Water Type Gym Leader. Thanks to them, Arashi has been able to increase his ability to become the best Dark Type Elite Four, they have ever seen.

RP Sample:
As Kazuki walked out the comfort of his house, he walked into a sight of chaos, people running for their lives and shops turned upside down. As a person ran past Kazuki, he asked him what was going on, " There is a wolf, in the middle of the town, we tried to shooting it down, but it looked like it was immune to the bullets. If I were you I would start running!" Kazuki turned around and began to run to the center of Nyukyoto, to confront this, so called, Wolf. " Where are you going!?!" yelled the running man, " To see if I can help" said Kazuki.

Finally Kazuki reached the middle of the city, and the sight was horrible, there were men in uniform with missing body parts and bloody everywhere. There were officers with guns, shooting at the beast, but nothing seemed to happen. The wolf looked toward Kazuki, with its vermillion red eyes, and bloody fangs. Kazuki could tell that this wolf was no ordinary one, but a member of clan of werewolves , known as the Togakure clan. Kazuki charged toward the beast and his hair began to glow bright red and his body was surrounded with a dark aura. The wolf snarled at him and began to growl, finally it pounced with its razor sharp claws aimed directly at Kazuki. Kazuki took his hand and clawed at the wolf's chest, as soon as it hit the ground, it collapsed because of the amount of blood it lost in that one attack.

Kazuki turned around the see the wolf on the gorund bleeding everywhere. The officers amazed by what happened surrounded around Kazuki, " Wow that was amazing, was that some type of Martial Arts Style?". Kazuki paying no attention to them and struggled to get out of the crowd to see what had happened to the wolf, but it was gone. It left footprints of blood, but it was not of a wolf but of a man. Kazuki began to walk back to his home in awe, wondering why, someone of the Togakure clan would want to target this city, after a few seconds he forgot about his though and opened his front door and said, " Hello, Kira!" " Hi, Kazuki, oh my gosh!, Kazuki, what happened to you?" " I got into a fig....." and passed out on the couch nearby.

Love Interest: He has one...but he doesn't give any hints
Family: (Did you just create a character whom you decided to be a sibling of one of the members? Or have you decided with another member that you two would be cousins? Then put him or her here. Also include your relationship with them)
Rivals: (friendly competition with someone like the case of Ash and Gary? Then put his or her name here, and I wish you good luck with your competition.)
Best Friends/s: Jack Ganseki and Issac Kennedy

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"Black Flames of Despair"

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Arashi Duskveil Empty Re: Arashi Duskveil

Post  Asuka on Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:21 pm

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Arashi Duskveil Empty Re: Arashi Duskveil

Post  Arashi on Tue Jan 31, 2012 9:55 pm

"Black Flames of Despair"

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Arashi Duskveil Empty Re: Arashi Duskveil

Post  Shichamatsu on Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:17 am


Have fun Smile
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