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Post  JarednFish on Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:34 pm

Carve Your Name In History

Jared Kotesu Brooks - Team Vector Admin [SUPER APP WIP] Nc2010_19_commander_badass_by_verbasan-d336clj
I've got a bone to pick with you, it's in your arm, and it's coming out

I am Material Stitched Together

Name: Dr. Jared Kotesu Brooks
Age: 34
Trainer Class: VIII
Career: Team Vector Admin l Alternative Trainer
Bravery, Robots, Biology, Martial Arts, People, Swiftness, Ferocity, Strength, Ingenuity
Boring ideas, Cowardice, Slowpokes (not the pokemon), Weakness, Laziness

Appearance: Jared wears a black and red leather jacket over a slightly stretched white T-Shirt, He wears black combat boots that by pressing a small hidden button on the side of his heel opens the bottom to reveal skates with small rockets on both ends. He uses the skates to escape dire situations and to charge into battle at an accelerated speed. He also wears denim pants, but those don't do anything special...those just make him look sexy
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Body Type: Very Well Built
Personality: Jared is an tenacious man, he never backs down from a fight, whether it be a pokemon battle or a legitimate fistfight (seeing as he's never lost one of those). He sees things as what they could be at their full potential, rather than how they are when he actually looks at them. He has a good sense of humor, but his one flaw is his temper although he is usually very composed and polite his anger can get the better of him at times.

You are my weapons! My Friends!



Jared Kotesu Brooks - Team Vector Admin [SUPER APP WIP] Spr_3e_130
Name: Mr. Fish
Species: Gyarados ♂
Pokémon's Personality: Being Jared's first Pokemon Mr. Fish is eternally loyal to Jared, he understands how Jared fights and relishes in battle. He is very intelligent for a Gyarados and knows Jared so well that he can see what Jared is planning even as he begins to make his first movements.
Pokémon's History: Jared acquired Mr. Fish when he was a young child, another group of children were bulling him near the docks due to his abnormal arms, they threw him to the edge of the docks and began hitting him with sticks, as he cried a young Magikarp appeared on the surface looking up as his tears fell into the water, it swam below the surface and then reemerged, it's tail sticking upwards at him. He reached for the tail and gripped it tightly, Jared used the Magikarp as a weapon and he defended himself, sending his assailants running. Thus Jared's ideals and style of fighting in Pokemon battles was born. After what seemed to be endless training Mr. Fish evolved into a Gyarados, to which at said event Jared climbed upon it's head rode off into the sunset screaming "I'M THE KING OF EVERYTHING!"

  • Hyper Beam
  • Bounce
  • Fire Blast
  • Thunderbolt

Ability: Intimidate - Lowers enemy Pokemon's attack
Tier: VIII

Jared Kotesu Brooks - Team Vector Admin [SUPER APP WIP] Spr_3e_350
Name: Dawn
Species: Milotic ♀
Pokémon's Personality: Dawn is very regal and acts more like royalty than a normal Pokemon, her transformation from Feebas into Milotic let her see how truely beautiful she was and how ugly others were when compared to her, she still holds a grudge from when she was mocked as a Feebas and is enraged if anyone ever mentions her looks in a negative fashion.
Pokémon's History: Jared met Dawn only a short while after he acquired Mr. Fish, his method of fighting with his Pokemon had just begun to take shape, he had found that swinging around a Magikarp was great for hitting things with, but he needed something to compliment it. Jared tried using a Goldeen but the goldfish Pokemon was far too squishy to handle Jared's style Jared continued to look far and wide for the perfect partner for his Magikarp, his perfect partner arrived in the form of an injured Feebas, beaten and left to die in the road rather than taken in by a trainer due to it's shabby appearance. Jared took in the Pokemon and nurtured it. Using it in battle constantly people would laugh at him for using such an ugly Pokemon, Jared responded to such by beating not just their Pokemon but the trainers as well, Jared constantly told his Feebas that strength was true beauty, and that no matter what others, they would always overcome their enemies together. Moved by Jared's words the Feebas began glimmering, it's scales seeming like diamonds as the sun began to rise and reflected off of the Feebas' scales. It then evolved into Milotic, one of the most beautiful Pokemon in existence, from the event that occurred during the Feebas' evolution Jared chose to name it Dawn, in relation to the rising sun.

  • Ice Beam
  • Scald
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Refresh

Ability: Marvel Scale: Ups DEFENSE if suffering - Defense raises to 1.5 times when induced with a status (BURN, PARALYZE, SLEEP, POISON, FREEZE).
Tier: VIII

Jared Kotesu Brooks - Team Vector Admin [SUPER APP WIP] Spr_3e_143_s
Name: Puno Dormida
Species: Snorlax ♂
Pokémon's Personality: Puno is a lazy pokemon who enjoys resting rather than fighting, so sometimes he chooses to do both at the same time. When he wakes up and realizes he's being attacked, his wild nature gets the better of him and he wants nothing more than to end a fight as quickly as possible so he can get back to sleep.
Pokémon's History: During his travels in the Kanto region Jared's expedition party came across a sleeping Snorlax who was resting along an ancient bridge gaping over a 100 ft gorge. The bridge was leading to the ruins where the expedition team was heading and it would've wasted days of travel to find another route across. Using their best efforts the team chose to wake the sleeping giant from his slumber, not a wise decision. The beast woke up and rather than moving and falling back asleep it attacked the team. While the others were running for their lives Jared came forward and engaged with the Snorlax. He used his Machop arms to stay on equal ground with the powerful Pokemon, after 12 hours of continuous fighting both of them were exhausted and that's when Jared realized that the Snorlax wasn't even awake anymore, he had been fighting a sleeping Pokemon in hand to hand combat, using Dawn and Mr. Fish Jared finished off the Snorlax capturing it in a pokeball. He named the Pokemon Puno Dormida, which is spanish for Sleeping Punch because that is how the Snorlax fought.

  • Body Slam
  • Rest
  • Sleeptalk
  • Fissure

Ability: Immunity: The Pokémon cannot be under the POISON condition while having this ability.
Tier: VIII

Jared Kotesu Brooks - Team Vector Admin [SUPER APP WIP] Spr_4p_475_s
Name: Stark
Species: Gallade ♂
Pokémon's Personality: Stark is the least serious of all of Jared's Pokemon, battle is all about having fun with your opponent and exhaust them while expending the least amount of physical energy. He is the jester of the group and enjoys playing and laughing just as he much as he does fighting.
Pokémon's History: Jared met Stark in the same place where he met Puno, in the dark forest near the ruins. Jared had been separated from the rest of the expedition team and was trying to find his way back to the campsite but seemed to keep going in circles. Constantly hearing the laughter of what sounded like a small child Jared came to the conclusion that the only way to find his path out was by force. He began to break trees left and right in a straight path, after a while to taking down trees he found himself once again where he had began, with a path of broken trees left and right Jared became more and more frustrated. The source of the laughter finally revealed itself in the form of a small Raltz, Jasper swung out at the small Pokemon but it disappeared instantaneously. In half a second it appeared behind him and hit him in the head. Jared swung out again but it continued to teleport and harass him with blows. Finally Jasper closed his eyes, held his ground and reached outwards at the perfect moment, his hand wrapped itself around the tiny Raltz and he swung it into a nearby tree knocking it unconscious. He held it out in front of himself "sneaky little thing aren't you" he grumbled, "worth keeping though". Jared kept the tiny Raltzs and trained it's skills and talents in it's teleportation combat.

  • Drain Punch
  • Destiny Bond
  • Psycho Cut
  • Teleport

Ability: Steadfast: Speed raises by one level every time the Pokémon flinches.
Tier: VIII

Jared Kotesu Brooks - Team Vector Admin [SUPER APP WIP] Spr_3e_208
Name: Intress
Species: Steelix ♀
Pokémon's Personality: Intress is the wildest of all of Jared's Pokemon, full of energy and power Intress is as ferocious as the Scizor that attacked Jared as a child...and that's when she's calm. Get her angry and you will have pure hatred charging you unrelentingly.
Pokémon's History: (WIP)

  • Gyroball
  • Explosion
  • Heavy Slam
  • Earthquake

Ability: Sturdy: The Pokémon is unaffected by One Hit Knock Out moves and the Pokémon cannot be knocked out when it has full Hit Points
Tier: VII

Jared Kotesu Brooks - Team Vector Admin [SUPER APP WIP] Spr_3e_011
Name: Pete
Species: Metapod ♂
Pokémon's Personality: Pete has a playful soul, he loves to swing and fly through the air, his fun spirited attitude is only matched by his iron strong dedication to Jared.
Pokémon's History: (WIP)

  • String Shot
  • Iron Defense
  • Toxic
  • Venoshock

Ability: Shed Skin: Every turn, it has a 1 in 3 chance of healing from a status condition (BURN, PARALYZE, SLEEP, POISON, FREEZE)
Tier: VII

A tale of Two Regions



When Jared was just a child, a terrible accident occurred. He was out playing in the woods close to his hometown in the Galbarren region when he encountered a raging Scizor. The pokemon was in a wild frenzy and charged at Jared. He ran as fast as he could but his legs were still not developed enough to outrun the crazed pokemon. It slammed him into a tree and with it's claws held the young boy up by his arms. He screamed for someone to help but the townsfolk were too late. In a quick movement the Scizor severed both of the boy's arms. Nobody knows why but the Scizor didn't finish him off, but Jared's screams had been heard by the nearby townsfolk. They rushed him off to the nearest hospital to emergency care, his life dangling from a string. Doctors rushed to stop the bleeding but when all seemed lost a group of bio-engineers brought forth the body of a dying Machop that was too far gone. They cyrogenically froze Jared and the Machop to maintain their lives, the two of them were brought to a remote science facility in the mountains, there the bio-engineers used their technologically advanced equipment to perform the first Pokemon to Human transplant. The Machop's arms were grafted onto Jared, saving his life.

Young Adult


As Jared grew his thirst for knowledge rose, his perspective on life changed by his ordeal with the Scizor, his desire to create not just a person with pokemon limbs, but to create life itself, he joined an expedition in the Kanto region with a team of researchers working on a cloning project. In august of their expedition they found a site where an ancient civilization had created a shrine to the legendary Pokemon Mew. Deep in the heart of the ruins the team found a fossilized piece of Mew DNA. Working with the top scientists of Pokemon cloning Jared assisted in the creation of cloning new lifeforms, His hard work assisted the creation and nurturing of 4 pokemon and one little girl, Squirtletwo, Bulbasaurtwo, Charmandertwo, Ambertwo, and Mewtwo. The child was interesting, a clone living in a sphere of light her "Father" was the head of the project, he believed that with the knowledge of cloning he could bring his daughter back to life. The pokemon were what truely amazed Jared, engineered to be faster, stronger, and smarter than their predecessors raised in the wild. It was a shame... all of a sudden Charmandertwo, Squirtletwo, and Bulbasaurtwo failed..in the same time frame Ambertwo disappeared alongside them... Mewtwo was the only survivor. Research returned to normal, but the Doctor never seemed the same, his full attention was towards keeping Mewtwo alive and stable...which is somthing that never should have been allowed to happen....Mewtwo..woke up and began raging in the facility. Trapped under debris Jared heard the doctor's final words "We strived to create the world's strongest Pokemon...and we succeded" moments later the entire facility exploded. Completely buried under the rubble of the facility Jared thought his life had come to an end, when all seemed lost his arms shone a bright light. Even though they were no longer attached to their original host, his Machop arms were still bound to the laws of Pokemon. His arms grew much larger as they evolved into Machoke arms. Using his newly found strength Jared moved the debris off of his body and escaped the island where the facility used to be.


After the incident in the Kanto region Jared returned to the Galbarren region, he never spoke of what transpired back in Kanto, neither did he want to remember any of it... they had stepped into gods domain..played with fire and burned down an entire forest. He returned to find his sister engaged to a man by the name of Raumulus Yamada, the man seemed very serious at first about everything, but his soft side showed whenever he was with Aethis and he could tell that she truly loved him. Jared had several long one-on-one chats with Raumulus learning his family history from him, Jared was happy to see Raumulus and Aethis wed. Years later Jared was called into a family meeting by Raumulus, Raumulus' father had been killed and now he had to take his place at the head of Team Vector. Jared refused to go into hiding with the rest of his family and instead decided to work with Raumulus as a member of Team Vector in order to help protect his family and to look after Raumulus.

RP Sample:

Love Interest: Women
Grandfather - Kotesu Kabarugi (Deceased)
Father - Ren Brooks (In Hiding)
Mother - Kaede Kabarugi (In Hiding)
Sister - Aethis Brooks - Married to Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada (In Hiding)
Brother in Law - Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada

Rivals: Wild Machamp sparring partner - nicknamed Rocky
Best Friends/s: Raumulus "Cypher" Yamada - Brother-In-Law

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