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What's Your Destiny?: A Magical Career Guide!

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What's Your Destiny?: A Magical Career Guide!

Post  Raumulus on Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:05 pm

So, you've decided to step into the world of Pokemon instead of gaining an education? That's good for you! But first, before starting your adventure, you should choose what you want to strive for in your career. There are a few choices including Trainer, Ranger, or even a Coordinator.

Trainer: Pokémon Trainer is the term commonly used for a person who catches, occasionally names, and trains several different kinds and types of Pokémon.
Pokemon Trainers start their journey at age of 10 when they get their first pokemon. The starter Pokemon that Pokemon Trainers receive depends on what town they live in and which region they live in.
Most Pokémon trainers have a common goal: to be the ultimate Pokémon trainer, which is only obtainable by defeating the Pokemon League and becoming the Pokémon Champion.
There are almost as many Pokémon trainers as there are Pokémon. Each one uses different Pokémon, a different fighting style, and a different attitude. There are usually different levels of Pokemon Trainers in terms of difficulty.
There are usually Pokemon Trainers almost anywhere that isn't deserted. Pokemon Trainers usually reside and battle on routes in order to weaken the protagonist/player and slow them down. Pokemon Trainers are almost always found in towns, routes, buildings, and the ever so imfamous Victory Road. They also inhabit Gyms.

Ranger: Pokémon Rangers known as Area Rangers primarily operate out of Ranger Unions, where nature is held in higher regard. Pokémon Rangers use Capture Stylers to calm and control wild Pokémon to help them solve ecological problems, defeat criminals using Pokémon to commit crimes, and arrest Pokémon poachers, acting as a sort of cross between a police officer and park ranger. After a Ranger becomes a good Ranger, they have a small chance of becoming Top Rangers with many new privileges.

Pokémon Rangers usually have only one Pokémon - known as their "Partner", that is with them at all times, and has been trained to a high level. Pokémon Rangers do not usually send Pokémon to battle each other directly, but generally use the Pokémon with them to power up the energies and extra settings on their Capture Stylers or to distract wild or enemy Pokémon with attacks that are not directly offensive. These powers are known as Poké Assist and are activated by having the Pokémon Ranger absorb a wild Pokémon's power into their Capture Styler, where upon their Styler gains extra abilities depending on the Pokémon's type.

Coordinator: A Coordinator is a Pokemon Trainer who trains their Pokemon to show off its own beauty, then enters their Pokemon in Pokemon Contests. Every Coordinator has one goal, to recieve the coveted Ribbon Cup to become a Top Coordinator. To accomplish this, they must win five Ribbons of a certain region, so they can enter the Grand Festival. *Note* Even though you cannot officially be a coordinator yet, it is in the works and events will be posted involving contests!

Team Vector: A notorious crime organization started by a man known as Cypher. Feared in the underground world, Vector is infamous for its kidnappings and theft. This is due to their beliefs that one who becomes too powerful must be pacified, this is through theft and force. Many of their bases have tried to be captured, but many have failed due to their already building number of recruits.
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